Configuring and managing your server

Options Explanations

How to become Operator on your server ?

How to install a custom modpack (CURSE: ALL THE MODS )

How to upload a map to your server with FTP

WorldEdit commands

How to install a VOIDS WRATH modpack ?

How to Upload Mods and Plugins

How to add Plugins to Pixelmon with Sponge

How to install a custom jar on your server

How to change your Minecraft server version

How are assembled your Minecraft Servers ?

Recommended Plugins

How to install Votifier and use a right port for plugins

How to add a co-owner ?

How to set up Dynmap

How to contact Support Team

How to upgrade or downgrade your server plan ?

How to add a resource pack on your server ?

How to enable the Whitelist ?

How to install a Technic modpack ?

How to configure the plugin GroupManager

How to setup a BungeeCord server ?

How to install GeyserMC to allow Bedrock and Java clients crossplay

How to trouble shoot minecraft networks issues ?

How to install and use Simple Voice Chat for Minecraft