Configuring and managing your server

How to add a resource pack on your server ?

To add a resource pack on your server, you need to host your ressource pack .zip file on a web hosting platform, to have a direct download link to configure on your server, for that we are going to upload it on Dropbox.

1.  Create an account on Dropbox. (it's free)

2.  Download a resource pack from internet and save the file into your computer. You can find resource packs on websites like Planet Minecraft or CurseForge, or create your own. You will get a .zip file.

3.  Now we are going to upload our downloaded resource pack to Dropbox, Click on the upload icon.

4.  Select from your PC the resource pack .zip previously downloaded.

5.  Make sure that it was uploaded.

6.  Click on done.

7.  Click on share to create the download link.

8.  Copy the link.

9.  Be sure that the setting is on "Anyone with the link can see it". (If not, change the setting).

10.  Copy the link from your dropbox https link to HotPixels_Returns-1.8.1.zip

11.  Return to your panel, at the bottom of first pand and Paste the link into the "Resource pack" imput field.

12.  Click on "Save changes".

13.  Start or restart your server.

14. Be sure that you have enabled server resource pack acceptation (you can access to the panel with the edit button).

Players will now automatically download and use the resource pack when they connect to the server.


If the resource pack doesn't load for players, make sure the URL or file path you entered is correct and the resource pack is in a .zip format. You can also try adding a direct link to the resource pack in the server.properties file by adding "?direct" at the end of the URL, like this: "resource-pack=http://example.com/resourcepack.zip?direct". This forces the server to download the resource pack directly instead of using the built-in download system.