Configuring and managing your server

Recommended Minecraft Plugins

We've prepared you a list of the recommended plugins.
To install a plugin go to "PLUGINS" menu. (You can follow the tutorial here if you don't know how to install the plugins)

WorldEdit: World Construction

It's a plugin that allows you to edit the map in real-time directly on the Minecraft game server.
If you want more information about WorldEdit click

Check out the Tutorial  "How to use Schematics with WorldEdit ( +Hub spawn build )
You can see the commands of WorldEdit here

Availability: For any version.

GroupManager: Permission + Rank

GroupManager is the most used permissions plugin. This is an extension of essentials. It allows you to make grades with prefixes, also give things to one person.

Group Manager provides two ways to perform user and group management. Either define the groups and users using the config file or modify the users and groups using console commands. All these commands can be used in the server console or in-game by someone with op. It is recommended to define the groups at least initially using the config files and perform user management with the commands. 

To get more information about GroupManager here.
Check the tutorial "How to configure GroupManager plugins"

Availability: For any version Essentials wiki.


This plugin allows you to create custom kits, change the appearance of messages in the chat, to define which mobs can do damage or create your own connection and disconnection messages.

To get more information about Essentials here

Availability: For any version except after 1.8 you can download it here

PermissionEx: Permission +

PermissionsEx (PEX) is a new permissions plugin, based on Permissions ideas and supports all of its features. But PEX is more! It offers different backends, powerful in-game management, fine-grained restrictions for world modification.

PermissionEX (PEX) is a plugin that works with bukkit for managing permissions on your server individually to manage every player or creating different ranks of your choice.

To get more information about PermissionEx here.

Availability: For any version except after 1.9

World Guard: Protection

You are on a server surrounded by all your friends, thousands of hours of work behind you, but the result is there, your city is finally over, it will be able to open its doors to players waiting for it. After the opening made, drama happens, your city is destroyed, reduced to nothing by the explosions and creepers the grievance of the players, even having recruited 10 directors involved in the management of the players, nothing ' there is, your work is destroyed.

But you go back, close the server, rebuild and after finishing a second time, you will not forget this time to install WorldGuard. This plugin working with WorldEdit will allow you to protect all your buildings with simplicity and efficiency.

To get more information about WorldGuard here.

Availability: For any version.


It's a Permissions, Chat, & Economy API to give plugins easy hooks into these systems without needing to hook or depend on each individual plugin themselves. It was born out of a distaste for how both Register and the current Permissions API are run, and their lack of features or over-complicated implementations. Vault attempts to solve these issues by being intuitive and providing plugins with support for any system that they may use.

Availability: For any version.


Optimization pTweaks is a server optimization tool. This plugin will redefine how your server loads, stores and manages chunks. pTweaks will prioritize chunk loading so the ones that need loaded get done first.  

Availability: For any version.