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2024-07-10 17:52

We completed the New York DC servers Upgrade to Ryzen 7900 5.4Ghz, to keep providing unparalleled performances to your #Minecraft servers.

2024-06-13 18:00

Minecraft 1.21 Tricky TRIALS is now available on auto-install Try it now this major update on your server

2024-05-21 18:51

We are going to upgrade in the next weeks all New York DC servers to Ryzen 7900 5.4Ghz, to keep providing unparalleled performances to your #Minecraft servers.



Easily create your Minecraft server

We simplify the creation of your Minecraft server by offering stable and efficient servers

Since 2015, we have hosted more than 150,000 Minecraft servers.

Easy to use Control Panel

Since 2012 we have been proud to develop our own Minecraft server hosting control panel to provide you with an easy way to manage your game server.

Managing your server was never so easy. All of the features are intuitive. You can instantly set up a Minecraft Vanilla or Modded server.

One-click setup

Instantly get direct access to all our Minecraft server versions, plugins, mods, and modpacks. Just search and click to start to play !

Web FTP & Client

Easy and fast file access, upload, and edit your configuration files directly on our web FTP or your FTP client.





  • DDOS


  • 99.9% AVERAGE


  • 24/7 TICKETS


Hosted on Premium server hardware

We assembled the best low latency configuration to host your Minecraft server.

Because you don't want to have lags when you play.

Low Latency server

We are fully transparent on our server hardware since we design, test, and assemble our machines not to be limited by a foreign provider.
We used the latest AMD Ryzens CPU with high clock speed and NVMe hard drives to provide high TPS and lag free servers.

Choose between 1 Core to start your Minecraft server or until 6 Cores for highly populated or modded servers.
Enjoy Premium server hardware for the price of a standard configuration.

On US Servers

On EU/NY Servers

  • Ryzen 3900X 4.6Ghz
  • DDR4 2666Mhz ECC
  • NVMe 3500MB/s
  • Ryzen 7900 5.4Ghz
  • DDR5 5200Mhz
  • NVMe 7200MB/s
Standard Plan
until 4 CORES
Premium Plan

Bare Metal Hosting

We use Bare Metal servers not to lose resources and keep the highest performances from hardware.
All machines are always used under 60% charge, with enough available power for pic usage.
We are fully transparent about our back office.

Take a look at the server components assembling line & CPU Benchmark :


  • RYZEN 9 7900

  • RYZEN 9 3900X

  • RYZEN 7 5800X

  • Xeon E-2236


Test Our Server Locations

Our Minecraft server hosting plans are located in Datacenters in Europe, North America, and Australia to offer a low latency on global locations. Test them on Vanilla.

  • Buffalo, New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Miami, Florida
  • Paris, France
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Sydney, Australia

Including all features

that your server and your community needs

DDoS Protection

All nodes are equipped with advanced DDoS protection to keep your world up and running even when under attack.

Instant Setup

Start your server, and it will be up and running in just a few sonds. Free game plans can be out of stock during peak weeks.

24/7 Ultra Low Latency

Our hosts operate around the clock non-stop in our 6 datacenters arround the world to maintain a 99.9% availability, monitored by server status.

Free subDomains & domains

Use our cool subdomains, or order your .com, .net, .pro domain name, to connect to your server without using any port.

Automatic Backups

Hosts have both daily automatic and manual backups available for seven days. You can also create and restore your world to any backup point in your control panel.


Quickly access to your server files, upload and edit your configuration directly from your control panel.

Dedicated Support

Our expert support team answers all your requests, do not hesitate to contact them by opening a ticket.

Unmetered Storage

Unrestricted access to the disk space to provide the best experience possible. Play, and don't worry about your map or file size.

At the best price

#1 Most Affordable Premium Minecraft Hosting, by developing our control panel and assembling our servers, we can provide the best price by GB of memory.

No subscription

As customers, we are not fan of subscriptions system because we always forget to turn the renewall off. Because of that, we do not use them, so you do not have to worry about.
If you want to keep your server running, just manually renew it anytime from your control panel.

Get more, pay less

To thanks you for you trust, you can get up to 20% Off on long duration. You can add any Discount code to can get up to 45% Off.

Instantly upgrade your server without fees

If you want to add memory or CPU cores to your server, you can do it anytime on your control panel. The upgrade will be instant and you will keep your map and server configuration.
You will only have to reboot your server to apply the changes.

This is usefull when your server grow and require more ressources.
As far you have enough time left on your server, you won’t need to checkout, because the system will automatically adjust the time left on your server, according to your current server plan.

Since 2015, our Customers chose us for

Over 150.000 customers trusted us to host their servers

We are Rated Excellent

Based on 4.5 / 5 Stars

Setting Up And Support

I have bought minecraft servers a few times in the past using Minecraft Hosting Pro, no problems so far, I had an issue with the server this week, and they fixed it super quick, the support it's great ! I recommend it to anyone !

Very helpful people in the helpdesk

Very helpful people in the helpdesk. I had lots of questions and they they answered all of them. I had a few problems and they helped me fix them all.
so 5 stars from me. :)

Best Minecraft Hosting Ever

I have been using this hosting service for a long time never faced a problem, pricing is amazing and on top of that this servers has the best CPU's for modded minecraft even hard modded servers run flawlessly.

Play the version you want..

Most popular Minecraft server versions are pre-installed. On your order, you will select a startup version. Once your server is installed, you can change the version anytime and as often as you want on your control panel.

We provide a server for every usage. You can install Spigot, Bukkit, or PaperMC to use plugins to customize your server or use Forge and Fabric to install all kinds of mods you want.
Once installed, you can configure them with direct access to their config files on our WebFTP.
You can also directly start playing one of our many modpacks already installed and configured by Curse, FTB, and more.

Each Minecraft version provides you with an entirely new experience, do not hesitate to try them to offer you hours of unique gameplay with your friends on your server.

..without stress, our support team is here to assist you

Our dedicated support team will be happy to help if you have any questions about your server. They have years of gaming experience, passionate about Minecraft, so do not hesitate to open a ticket on your control panel to reach them.

In the meantime, you can also consult our tutorials and faq.
If your server does not start or crash, do not forget to check your server logs or crash logs on your web FTP. Most of the time, it will indicate the source of the issue, like missing mods, corrupted chunks or entities, etc.

If you want to play a specific modpack not listed, or if you are having trouble deciding which version to use, our support team will be happy to add it to the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check our FAQ page for more answers

What is the best Minecraft servers hosting ?

The best Minecraft hosting company must be able to provide at the best price, the most reliable Minecraft servers on global locations with 99.9% uptime, and helpful support available to answer any of your questions. Running the lastest game server hardware to provide a lag-free experience to their customers.

How do I host a Minecraft server ?

Chose your game server hosting provider, select the hosting plan you need, your server location, then the version of Minecraft you want to begin with, and a domain name to easily connect, then your server will be up and running within a few minutes. Give your server IP address to your friends to start playing with them.

Is hosting a Minecraft server free ?

We provide Free Minecraft game servers, they are limited to 10 days to allow everyone to test our services. As all our servers, they are hosted on the lastest AMD Ryzen 3900X processors, with unlimited slots and are available on our global locations datacenters. Once your tryout period is over, you are free to upgrade or not your server to continue playing.

How to add a whitelist ?

You need to go on your server panel and then click to activate the whitelist button, and check that the online mode button is also turned on. You need to validate and restart your server to apply the changes.

How to add mods ?

You need to install forge on your server, go on the maintenance page, then select forge. Upload mods on your server in the mods directory of your ftp, using an FTP client like winscp, then restart your server.

How to add plugins ?

You need to change your version to papermc, spigot or bukkit, on the first panel page, validate and restart your server. You can now install plugins using an FTP client such winscp, with the login/password displayed under the credential page, or the plugin manager.

How to change server settings ?

You can edit your server settings directly on the first panel page, or by directly editing the file located on your webftp. Don't forget to stop and restart your server to apply the changes.

How to reinstall my server ?

You can factory reset your server on the maintenance page, you will lose all your data if your do this, so be careful. Note that you can still load a backup if you did by mistake a reinstallation.


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