How are assembled your minecraft servers ?

Minecraft Server Assembled


We design and assemblate our own server hardware, this allow us to be free on hardware selection, and not be limited by a foreign provider.

We don't simply resell dedicated server hardware as many other hosting companies (from soyoustart, ovh, hetzner).

We made huge investments to be able to provide you the best low latency up to date configuration.

We like to do everything by our own, the same way we are developing our own Minecraft hosting control page and are not using multicraft, as 80% of hosting companies.

We like to be free on our choices, and not depend on other.

We don't simply make investments and ask others people to do the main work for us.

So we wanted to share with you our back office server integration, we like to be fully transparent on our services, because before all, we are gamers as you, and also geeks ;)

We worked for months to design, test, order, assemblate all server, we hope that you will enjoy your servers, as we enjoyed to create them.

Server componentsServer Hardware components selection

We selected the AMD Ryzen 3900X processor because after over a decade of INTEL leadership on CPU, AMD came back from nowhere with a beast 7nm architecture, this was totally unexpected, they did an technological leap, that we didn't saw since15 years after INTEL and their Core2Duo.

The performances are insanes, we come from 9000 cpubenchmark score with our old E3-1245V2 to 32000 with the Ryzens, it's just a new line opened in the server hardware possibilities.

It's why we made the choice to massively invest in them, to make you fully benefit of this power on your servers.

Especially, that since the minecraft 1.13 release, the server cpu requirement kept to get higher over time.

I'm sure that you noticed in the past, some lags error messages, they were appearing more often on our previous hardware based on Intel E3-1245V2, so it was the time to do a massive upgrade.

servers mothersboards during assemblage process

We order each components in Europe & Nort America, and then assemblate them, we designed our own heatsink cooling system to optmize the server performances.

Ryzen 3900X have 12 Cores and 24 Thread at hight frequency, they can heat really quickly, so it's why it's very important to have a powerfull cooling system to avoid system to throttle.

The reliability and uptime is a priority for us, it would not be acceptable to have a server downtime in the middle of a game session.

When you pay for a service, and put your trust on us, it's to be able to fully use what you are paying for, we know that, because we are customers as you, so we do the best to take all care and security on our hardware selection.

As you can see, we only use industrial grade product, as Supermicro for the chassis, with a 92% power comsumption platinum power supply, and also Samsung DDR4 2666Mhz, and HP NVMe EX950 1To on Raid 1 to prevend from disk faillure.

We also have spare components in case of issue, and an technical ready to assist and replace them in case of faillure.

Of course, all those servers are monitored 24/24, and we are alerted of any kind of error.

All server are assembled by hand, we take especially care on the cpu cooling part, by using specific thermal paste, to lower the cpu temperature under maximal 85°C.

The chassis are equiped with Dual 13.000RPM Fan, pushing almost 50CFM.

Server charge

Now it's great to have a powerfull server architecture, but it's also important to not overload the servers with overselling, it's why all the server are kept under 40% charge all days.

This allow to always keep enough power left in case of an intensive usage, and to avoid lags.

We made this presentation to be fully transparent with you, hoping you enjoy the quality of our services.

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