How to have Pixelmon mod and plugins with Sponge

On this tutorial I'll show you how to have PIXELMON + PLUGINS with SPONGE.

1. Firstly donwload PIXELMON MOD here ==>

2. Go in the  "MAINTENANCE" panel, click on the "REINSTALL" button to have access to all the packs.

    Select "SPONGE 1.10.2 2092" (Your current data will be deleted).

3Don't forget to put JAVA 8 it's very important for the server starts.

4. Click on the "SAVE CHANGES" button to apply the modification.

5. START the server.

6. Connect to your server with FTP access in using Filezilla or Winscp.

7. Drag and drop PIXELMON mod in your server "mods" folder.

8. Click on the restart button.

Now we'll install Forge on the client side, and add the Plugins in the server.

9. You can download FORGE here ==>

    I installed the latest version of FORGE 1.10.2 2093. 

This part is important because you need to have Forge to connect to your server, that's why we are going to install it in client side. 

You need to install Forge in the client side by clicking on the "OK" button to install it.

Now we'll put the PIXELMON MOD in the "mods" folder C:\Users\UsersMe\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods

Write %appdata% to access in your Minecraft directory.

10. Click on .minecraft folder.

11. Click on the mods folder, and drop the PIXELMON mod inside.

Now we'll download the SPONGE plugins.

You can have SPONGE plugins here ==>

This is my recommended plugins list :

Nucleus The Ultimate Essentials Plugin ==>

World Manager ==>

VoxelSniper ==>

PermissonEx ==>

12. Drag and drop the wanted Plugins in the server "mods" folder. Doesn't create manually a "plugins" folder.


RESTART the server after that have put the plugins.

13. You can see here that plugins are detected by the server. Go in the "Console" and enter this command : /sponge plugins

If you want more commands:  click here

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