Configuring and managing your server

How to upgrade or downgrade your server plan ?

Depending on your usage, the number of players connected, your map size, or the number of plugins and mods, you may need more or less memory and cores. You can adjust your server plan at any time.

You won't have to pay again because we will adjust the time left on your server by lowering or adding time. The changes are instant, and you will keep all your data (server address, maps, plugins). You only have to restart your server to apply the change.

Changing your offer

1.  Click on the "UPGRADE" button, located on the top of your panel.

2.  Select the offer you want, depending if you want to upgrade or downgrade.

3.  On the bottom you can see the difference with you currenty offer, by extending, or lowering the time left on your server.

4.  If you agree, Click on "CHANGE OFFER" to confirm the change. 

5. You msut Restart your server to apply the changes.

You can Downgrade or Upgrade your server plan anytime.