What are the hardware specs on servers ?

We use the latest AMD Ryzen 3900X processor, SSD NVMe disk, DDR4 RAM memory and 1 Gbps connection. 

If you take the Premium Hardware option you'll have 4 Cores instead of 1. With this setup you can easily play with latest modpacks and other heavy plugins. 

Which control panel do you use ?

All Minecraft servers use a control panel with an unique design. We don't use Multicraft; we worked on a single and intuitive panel with just the essentials, so you can easily apprehend the different server settings. We provide web FTP to configure files, live console, instant plugins install, backups manager... If you want to learn more about the control panel follow these tutorials about "Manage the panel". 

Where are the servers located ?

We have servers in North America, Europe and Australia, more precisely, in New York, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, Paris and Sydney.

You can test your latency on : ny.mchost.pro / da.mchost.pro / fl.mchost.pro / la.mchost.pro / eu.mchost.pro / au.mchost.pro

How long does it take to receive my server ?

Setup is instant after we received the payment. You will get an email in your mailbox with login details of the control panel and the server informations.

Why the server doesn't start?

Your server can't start for following reasons: 

- The modpack is too recent and requires java 16. (Enable it from the "Settings" menu). 

- The installed mod is not compatible with server side so you need to remove it. (For e.g. "CustomMainMenu").

- The server version is empty, it happens when you upload your own custom jar or restore a backup. So use the "SERVER VERSION" selector from the "Settings" menu to get the right one. 

- The disk space is full because of some automatic backup files caused by mod, plugin or console logs. Remove logs folder, backups folder with Filezilla and your FTP access. 

What port do you allow for plugins ?

For all your plugins (Votifier, Dynmap, JsonApi...), you can use a port between 31000 and 32500. Don't use the same port on all your plugins.

For example on Votifier you can use 31050 and on JsonApi the 31080 port. For more help about Votifier check this guide

What happens if I don't want to renew my server ?

We don't make automatic billing so you need to renew your server's days manually if you want to keep it. Otherwise the server will be deleted at the end of the expiration date. 

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package after the purchase ?

You can upgrade or downgrade instantly, this guide can help you. Be careful when you change your server Plan, you will have to wait 5 days to be able to change again.

Do you provide MySQL database ?

We provide MySQL database for the PRIME, ULTRON, LARA and ORION plans. If you have TANYA or IRON offer you can easily upgrade to a higher offer. To access to the base, go in the "FTP" panel and create a password for your MySQL access and connect with generally this kind of url: mu1.mchost.pro

Can I change my Minecraft version after the purchase ?

Yes, you can change your Minecraft version whenever you wish, for example from Vanilla to FTB Infinity Evolved modpack with the "Maintenance" and "Reinstall" panel. Check this tutorial for more help. 

Can I install custom plugins, mods, modpack and more ?

You can easily upload everything you want in the server. Check this guide for plugin upload here.

For mods here and custom .jar here.

Can I upload my own (solo) map file or a downloaded map ?

You can easily upload any map you want into your server. Just use the FTP access and a FTP client as Filezilla. Follow this tutorial for full steps. 

Can I install BungeeCord on the server ?

Yes you can install BungeeCord, follow this tutorial. You need to upload the 'bungeecord.jar' file with FTP access and Filezilla. 

The typical BungeeCord setup is like that : 

1 server (proxy) ==> BungeeCord.jar  ==> This server just serves as liaison between the other two. 

1 server (game) ==> Spigot.jar ==> PVP game for example

1 server (game) ==> Spigot.jar  ==> Mini games for example.

Can I share my control panel with my friend (co-owner) ?

Yes, you can use the "Manage Access" menu (at the bottom of your panel) to share your control panel with a co-owner.

The co-owner must possess an account on Minecraft-Hosting.Pro . Add the email of the co-owner into the page, you need to use the email he used for the creation of their account.

How I can change the MOTD on the panel ?

You need to use the Formatting Color Codes for your MOTD. Follow this tutorial

How I can add a resource pack on the server ?

You need to have a direct download link for the resource pack and to put it in the "Resource pack" box on the "Settings" panel. Follow our tutorial for more help. 

Can I form a sponsorship with you ?

You own a website with great traffic, or you have an important presence on social networks.

You want to help us to get noticed, contact us to see what we can do together, we can provide you a Free Minecraft Server via our sponsorship program. You can check the requirements here . 

How to have a custom Level Type on the panel ?

In the "Level Type" box, you have usual types, but you can enter your own Level Type. 

Click on the select and on "New Level Type", finally write the name. (For Biomes O' Plenty, write BIOMESOP).

How to have the Query & Rcon port of the server ?

To have the Query port, write in the Live Console: enable-query

To have the Rcon port and password, write in the Live Console: enable-rcon

Copy the information and restart server for changes. 

What payment methods can I use ?

We accept PayPal and all major credit/debit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and American Express for ALLOPASS only).

The payment way with Allopass can change depending of your country. You can have an additional cost for Allopass. 

How to solve the "Time Out" issue ?

Change the setting in plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml for "opt-out: false" to "opt-out: true". Only available for Bukkit or Spigot server. Save and restart server. 

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