Configuring and managing your server

How to upload a map to your Minecraft server with FTP

Although you can use the webftp to upload files, you can also use an FTP client such Winscp or Filezilla, it's what we are going to see in this tutorial.

You need for this tutorial :

Filezilla => Download here: https://filezilla-project.org/
A map => You can find lot of maps on internet

You can easely find a map on internet :

As soon you got your map, you have to :

1.  Go to "FTP" panel to access at your FTP CREDIENTIALS.

2.  Connect in using Filezilla with address, user and password to your server.

3.  Go to your Windows explorer to extract the downloaded map. You can use Winrar for extraction.

4.  Check inside the folder "FunLand 2.04" if there is a sub-folder. A map folder must always have one main folder and                          "dim-01" or "data", "region" folder inside.

5.  We can see a sub-folder "Funland 2.0" this is our main folder.

6.  Rename it to "Funland", the map name must not have spaces or specials characters.

7.  Drag and Drop the "Funland" folder into Filezilla to your server root.

8.   Go to your panel into "Maps".

9.   Click on "activate" button.

10. Wait during the map loading.


Enjoy your server with your new map !