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Why chose Minecraft Hosting Pro ?

Since 2012, we are doing investment on hardware, research and development, we acquired huge experience, following the constant hardware innovations, to provide the most powerful game server hardware to ensure that your Minecraft server runs without lags. Does everyone say the same? Yes, but here you know what you buy in full knowledge.

We are one of the rare companies to own our servers hardware and to assemble every piece of them, where other companies just resels ready to go servers from foreign public servers providers.

The difference is huge, because this way, we are free to select the best hardware parts and tune our servers to get the top performances that Minecraft needs.
We do not have to wait on a foreign provider to renew their hardware, resulting in using low performances deprecated servers.
By reducing our charges, to not have to rent our servers, or paying a license fee for our control panel, we provide Notch game server hardware at the best price.

We invite you to start your server and compare.

Our Features ? Top Notch Performances, Lag Free Gaming

First, you must know that all Minecraft game servers are executed by a java process, under a Linux system environment without GUI, to concentrate a maximum of resources on Minecraft.

Each java process needs Processor, Memory, and Disk space on the machine that hosts your server. So faster the machine is, the faster your Minecraft server will be.

If you have 2GB of memory on a deprecated Processor, this will result in bad
performances and low TPS, compared to the same amount on new generation hardware.

Why? Because the AMD Ryzen 3900X processor used by us, have more cache, more cores and a higher frequency to calculate faster more data, leading to higher in-game Minecraft TPS.
Additionally using DDR4 instead of DDR3 memory, and NVMe disks that are 5 times faster than SSD greatly improve the overall system performances.

It’s why we are fully transparent on our server specs.

Don’t hesitate to try them with our Free server Plans.
Of course a server with more Cores will be faster than one with 1 Core.

Because power is nothing without control..

We designed our Minecraft user-friendly control panel, as the hardware, we like to be in full control, to be free to implement functionalities without being limited by a foreign system, we do not use multicraft for this reason.

We had to understand every part of Minecraft hostings servers protocols.
As for the hardware, we acquired a lot of experience since 2012.

We are currently working hard on the V2, that should be available in the next months, offering you a toon of new functionalities so keeps in touch.
We believe that friendly design makes things intuitive.
You can customize and configure your low latency game server without having to worry too much about the computer parts behind.

And if you have any doubts, questions, our support is here to help you.
Some Features :
- Monitor Server status, CPU, Memory usage.
- Web ftp : manage, upload, download server files without ftp client.
- Online File manager : direct file access to edit your server settings.
- One click install multiple versions of minecraft, including modpacks
- Players white list, Operator, Ban
- Web console : to launch commands from your navigator, mobile.
- Map, Seed generation
- Recover from crash with backups
- Consult servers logs and crash reports
- Hardware status : hosting node load usage monitor

Instant Plan Upgrade anytime

You are considering to make a prior Minecrafts server hosting purchase, but you don’t know with which Plan to start from?
This mainly depends on your usage, if you play with some friends on Minecraft vanilla, you will need fewer resources than if you are going to install plugins or mod packs.
More Plugins or Mods you install, and more memory and CPU cores you will need.
Some mod packs require at least 4GB of memory to run well, if there is not enough memory available on your Plan, your server performances will suffer. You can easily monitor your memory and CPU usage on the panel.

If you are not sure, you can start with a Tanya Plan with 2GB of memory, and upgrade your hosting plan anytime if your server grows and need more.
You can also switch anytime to Premium hardware to get 6 cores, without losing your world or any data, with an instant setup, fully transparent for your gaming experience.

Your server up and running in 2 minutes

Once you made the few selections for your server subdomain name, duration, and version you would like to start with, your server will be instantly installed, and you will receive by email your server IP address.

Free Portless Sub-Domain included

With your server you can chose between multiple cool sub-domain name, as *, *, *, * and more.
You can also order your domain name, .com, .net, .org, .pro with the option, as long the domain name is available.
This makes it easier to remember, no port required and eliminates the need to have a dedicated server IP address to connect to your server.
Do not hesitate to share your domain with your friends and on websites.

Entreprise level DDos Protection

All our machines are protected from DDoS attacks, in all our Tier 3 Datacenters in North America and Europe.
We took extreme care to the Datacenters where we hosted our servers, to be sure to have DDoS protection enterprise-level thread mitigation systems, as Arbor to stop all kind of attacks.

All servers are 24/24h monitored, with redundant network and multiple power sources to provide a 99.9% uptime.
We also have spare components in each server cabinet, in case we need to replace one.

WebFTP: Access your files in 1 click

Send, download mod or plugins files directly from your web browser without using an FTP client.

Edit your server configuration files, plugins, mods.
Unzip/zip archives from the interface.

Consult and manage your servers logs, during a crash, you can quickly find its origin and fix it.

The WebFTP is also accessible from your mobile, this tool greatly help your file management.

Live console: launch commands on your server

Check your server acitivty in real time, the console allow you to interact directly with the server, via specifics commands to the version, plugins and mods installed.

Particularly suitable for advanced users who want to go further on server managing.

The Live console is also accessible from your mobile.

Reliable Minecraft Servers Hosting

We provide Minecraft Hostings since 2015, over 7.000.000 servers have been started so far, you are over 60.000 to follow us on our twitter.
We are fully confident in the server hardware that we propose, but if you have any issue, you can contact us by ticket, our Support Team will be able to assist with any questions you might have while configuring, using your server.

Have a good game, and thank you for your trust.heart
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