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WorldEdit commands

WorldEdit is a powerful plugin that can help you achieve this by giving you the ability to edit and shape your Minecraft world quickly and easily.

WorldEdit provides a wide range of tools for creating, editing, and manipulating Minecraft maps. With WorldEdit, you can quickly generate landscapes, build structures, and perform other tasks that would otherwise take a lot of time and effort to do manually.

One of the key features of WorldEdit is its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The plugin offers a variety of tools for selecting and manipulating blocks, including brushes, copy and paste tools, and even a schematic importer. This makes it easy to create complex structures and shapes with just a few clicks of a mouse.

WorldEdit also offers a range of commands that allow you to perform a variety of tasks quickly and efficiently. For example, you can use the "//set" command to replace a large area of blocks with a single type of block. You can also use the "//wand" command to select an area of blocks that you want to manipulate.

Another benefit of WorldEdit is its compatibility with other popular Minecraft plugins, such as Bukkit and Spigot. This means that you can easily integrate WorldEdit into your existing server setup and take advantage of all its features without having to modify your server too much.

Overall, WorldEdit is an essential plugin for any Minecraft server owner who wants to create custom maps and structures quickly and easily. With its intuitive interface, powerful tools, and wide range of commands, WorldEdit is a must-have plugin for any serious Minecraft server owner. So, if you want to take your Minecraft server to the next level, be sure to install WorldEdit and start creating the world of your dreams!

WorldEdit plugin commands

To use this plugin correctly you need to be operator, click here to learn how to become.




// limit


Sets a maximum number of blocks affected by your operations. 

This command only acts on you. 

Use this command to avoid big accidents.

If you have already set a base limit in the WorldEdit configuration file, it will not overwrite it.


// undo

Removes your last action.

// redo

Resets the last removed action.

/ clearHistory

Erases your history.


// wand

Added to your inventory an editing tool (by default an "ax wood"). Left click on a block defines the point 1 selection. Right click on another block defines the point 2 selection.

/ toggleeditwand

Toggles the edit wand selection mode, ALLOWING you to use the edit wand item Normally.

// pos1

Sets the block above which you find to be the # 1 pick.

// pos2

Sets the block above which you find to be the # 2 selection.

// hpos1

Sets the block you watch as the # 1 pick.

// hpos2

Sets the block you watch as the # 2 selection.

// chunk

Select the plot where you are as a selection.

// expand


Enlarges your selection of <amount> blocks in the direction you look.

// expand

<Amount> <direction>

Enlarges your selection of <amount> blocks to the North, South, East or West.

// expand


Enlarges your selection in two directions at once.

// expand

<Amount> green

Expands the selection to include sky to bedrock.

// contract


Reduces your selection of <amount> blocks in the direction you look.

// contract

<Amount> [management]

Reduces your selection of <amount> blocks to the North, South, East or West.

// contract

<Amount> <reverse-amount> [management]

Reduces your selection in two directions at once.

// shift

<Amount> [management]

Moves the selected region. This does not move the contents of the selection.

// size

Gives the size of the selected region.

// count


Count the number of blocks in the selected area

/ distr

Gives the distribution of the blocks in the selected area. 


// copy

Copy the selected region. Be careful, your position is copied too.

// cut

Removes the selected region.

// paste

Paste the contents of the clipboard.

// paste


Paste the contents of the clipboard in its actual position.

// rotate


Rotates the contents of the clipboard.

// flip


Flip the clipboard.

// load


Loads .schematic in the clipboard.

// save


Saves the contents of the clipboard in the .schematic.

/ clearclipboard

Empty the contents of the clipboard.

Region operations



Transforms all the blocks in the selected area in a specified block.

// replace


Replace all empty blocks (air) in a block type <to-block>.

// replace

<From-block> <to-block>

Replaces all kind of blocks <from-block> in block type <to-block>.

// overlay


Place a block above the current block region.

// walls


Built the walls of the selected region (not including ground and ceiling).

// faces


Built walls around the selected region, including the floor and ceiling.

// smooth


Smooth the selection's heightmap.

// move

[Count] [management] [leave-id]

Moves the contents of the selection. A block can be specified to fulfill the former moved content.

// stack

[Count] [management]

Separates the selection.


// hcyl

<Block> <radius> [height]

Created a hollow vertical cylinder.

// cyl

<Block> <radius> [height]

Created a vertical cylinder.


<Block> <radius> [raised?]

Created a sphere.

// hsphere

<Block> <radius> [raised?]

Created a hollow sphere.

/ forestgen

[Size] [type] [density]

Created a forest.

/ pumpkins


Created a pumpkin forest.

Chunk tools

/ chunkinfo

Give the name of the plot file where you are.

/ listchunks

Displays a list of plots used. ( "Print a list of used chunks.")

/ delchunks

Generate a shell script to delete chunks.


/ toggleplace

Toggle entre using pos # 1 or your current position.

// fill

<Block> <radius> [depth]

Made a round plate of radius "radius".

// fillr

<Block> <radius>

filled a creu over a radius "radius" and to the ground (making the area).



Empty all water or lava lakes (within <radius>).

/ fixwater


Evens pools of water near you.

/ fixlava


Evens the lava pools near you.

/ removeabove

[Size] [height]

Deletes the blocks above your head.

/ removebelow

[Size] [height]

Removes the blocks below your feet.

/ replacenear

<Size> <from-id> <to-id>

Replaces blocks near you.

/ removenear

[Block] [size]

Removes the blocks near you.

/ snow


Add snow (radius [radius]).

/ thaw


Remove snow (radius [radius]).



Extinguished the fire.

/ butcher


Kill the monsters around you.

Super pickaxe


Enable super-pick.

/ single

Switch to single block super pickaxe mode.

/ area


Goes to a super pickaxe digging <Range> blocks around the point of impact (not digging deep)

/ recur


Goes to a super pickaxe digging <Range> blocks around the point of impact (also digs deep).

/ none

Disables orders.

/ info

Passes the information tool (gives the position, ID and the material of the selected block).

/ tree


Enables tree creator.

/ repl


Switch to replace the block tool.

/ cycler

Tool to "recycle" the texture of an object (eg switch from a chestnut tree with a white tree).

// brush


Passes the brush tool.

// rbrush

Switch to the replacing the brush tool That only replaces Existing block.

// sb

<Block> [radius]

Use the brush sphere.

// cb

<Block> [radius] [height]

Use the cylindrical brush.

// ccb

Use the clipboard brush.


// restore


Particular restore a snapshot.

// use


Particular Use a snapshot.

/ listsnapshots


List the 5 newest snapshots.

Getting around

/ unstuck

Go over to the first slot.

/ ascend

Up to the first free space above you.

/ down

Descend to the first space below you.

/ eye


You stick to the highest point above you.

/ thru

Passes through the wall that you look.

/ jumpto

Mounted on the wall as you look.

/ up


Rises by a predetermined distance.