Configuring and managing your server

Options Explanations

This article is to inform you about all the options that Minecraft-Hosting.Pro provides and what they can offer you. 

Premium Hardware

This option costs $10 per month.

Upgrade to 6 CPU cores with 25% memory capacity increase on your server for better performance while hosting heavy modpacks and huge maps with many players connected. Your server will also start faster. Consider this option if you start getting CPU warnings in your logs.

Custom domain

This option costs $4 per month.

Get your domain name to access your server under the format name.your_domain.ext (e.g., play.xtrempvp.com)
The first contact is made with our support team to see if the domain address of your choice is available.

If available, we will ask you to confirm it. Then we will order the domain for you and bind it to the server account of your choice.
Support will ask you to choose another if the domain appears to be already taken.

Be aware that once added to your server. The domain can't be removed or replaced by another one.
If you want to change your domain again, you will need to pay a fee.

Contact the support to verify the domain availability.

/!\ The Custom domain option can't be added or removed on an existing server.
Please be sure before ordering your server.

Automated Tasks

This option costs $3 per month.

It will permit you to schedule 5 daily automated tasks on your server. 

Available tasks : start, stop, restart, backup and any minecraft command.
You can directly launch a task with the "run" command .

Advanced Backups

This option costs $3 per month.

Recover any file/folder from a backup file without importing the full backup. Use the online selector to browse and restore just the necessary files.