Configuring and managing your server

How to configure the plugin GroupManager

If you're running a Minecraft server, you may be familiar with the term "permissions." Permissions are essentially the rules that dictate what players can and cannot do on your server. Without permissions, anyone who joins your server would have the same level of access and control as you do. This can lead to chaos and griefing.

That's where GroupManager comes in. GroupManager is a plugin for Minecraft servers that allows you to easily manage permissions and groups for your players. With GroupManager, you can create custom groups and assign specific permissions to each group. This way, you can control what each player is allowed to do on your server.

One of the best things about GroupManager is how easy it is to use. The plugin has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to create and manage groups. You can easily add or remove players from groups, and change the permissions for each group as needed.

Another great feature of GroupManager is its flexibility. The plugin is highly customizable, so you can create groups and permissions that are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're running a small private server or a large public server, GroupManager can be adapted to fit your needs.

GroupManager is also regularly updated, which means that you can expect it to work well with the latest version of Minecraft. The plugin is actively maintained by its developer, so you can trust that any issues or bugs will be quickly addressed.

Overall, if you're looking for an easy and effective way to manage permissions on your Minecraft server, GroupManager is a great option. With its simple user interface, flexibility, and regular updates, it's a plugin that any server owner can benefit from.

GroupManager Configuration

To configure GroupManager navigate on your FTP, and go to /plugins/GroupManager/. 
Then you can either create new ranks by going to /worlds/ and selecting the file of the map on which you want to change the grades (generally using the /world/ for a reason that we will see below). 
groups.yml. You will see the basic configuration. It is there when you create a new world.

My configuration will be for the "worlds" map, if you want another permission set up choose another map.


A sample configuration file with multiple groups.

The groups :


    default: true 
    - essentials.help 
    - essentials.helpop 
    - essentials.list 
    - essentials.motd 
    - essentials.rules 
    - essentials.spawn 
    - g:groupmanager_default
    - g:bukkit_default
    - g:essentials_default
    - g:towny_default 
      prefix 'e &' 
      build: false 
  Admin : 
    default: false 
    - groupmanager.mantogglesave 
    - essentials 
    - essentials.clearinventory 
    - essentials.cooldown.bypass 
    - essentials.deljail 
    - essentials.give 
    - essentials.god 
    - essentials.heal 
    - essentials.heal.others 
    - essentials.invsee 
    - essentials .item 
    - essentials.jails 
    - essentials.kickall 
    - essentials.kit 
    - essentials.mute 
    - essentials.sell 
    - essentials.setjail 
    - essentials.signs.protection.override 
    - essentials.spawnmob 
    - essentials.teleport.cooldown.bypass 
    - essentials .teleport.timer.bypass 
    - essentials.togglejail 
    - GroupManager *. 
    - essentials.burn 
    - modo 
      prefix '& c' 
      build: true 
    default: false 
    - essentials.afk 
    - essentials.back. OnDeath 
    - essentials.balance 
    - essentials.chat.shout 
    - essentials.compass 
    - essentials.home 
    - essentials.kit 
    - essentials.kit.tools 
    - essentials.mail 
    - essentials.mail.send 
    - essentials.me 
    - essentials.msg 
    - essentials. nick 
    - essentials.pay 
    - essentials.portal 
    - essentials.protect 
    - essentials.sethome 
    - essentials.signs.buy.use 
    - essentials.signs.disposal.create 
    - essentials.signs.disposal.use 
    - essentials.signs.free.use 
    - essentials.signs.heal.use 
    - essentials.signs.mail.create 
    - essentials.signs.mail.use 
    - essentials.signs.protection.create 
    - essentials.signs.protection.use 
    - essentials.signs.sell.use 
    - essentials. signs.trade.create 
    - essentials.signs.trade.use 
    - essentials.suicide 
    - essentials.tpa 
    - essentials.tpaccept 
    - essentials.tpahere 
    - essentials.tpdeny 
    - essentials.warp 
    - essentials.warp.list 
    - essentials.worth 
    - default 
      prefix '& 2' 
      build: true 
    default: false 
    - essentials.back 
    - essentials.ban 
    - essentials.banip 
    - essentials.broadcast 
    - essentials.delwarp 
    - essentials.depth 
    - essentials.eco 
    - essentials .getpos 
    - essentials.jump 
    - essentials.kick 
    - essentials.kill 
    - essentials.setwarp 
    - essentials.time 
    - essentials.togglejail 
    - essentials.top 
    - essentials.tp 
    - essentials.tphere 
    - essentials.tpo 
    - essentials.tpohere 
    - essentials.tppos 
    - essentials.tptoggle 
    - essentials.unban 
    - essentials.unbanip 
    - essentials.whois 
    - essentials.world 
    - groupmanager.listgroups 
    - groupmanager.mandemote 
    - groupmanager.manload 
    - groupmanager.manpromote 
    - groupmanager.mansave 
    - groupmanager.manselect 
    - groupmanager.manuadd 
    - GroupManager .manudel 
    - essentials.ext 
    - player 
      prefix '& 5' 
      build: true 
    default: false 
    - '*' 
    - admin 
      prefix '& 4' 
      build: true 

We will detail each part

    default: true 
    - essentials.help 
    - essentials.helpop 
    - essentials.list 
    - essentials.motd 
    - essentials.rules 
    - essentials.spawn 
    inheritance: [] 
      prefix 'e &' 
      build: false 

Default: Group Name
default: true : Group to be defined by default for all users who were not defined group.
permissions: list of permissions.
info: Information detailing the group.
prefix '& e' suffix: Group Color. For esthetics, there is the prefix, with  color codes.
build: false : This group can not destroy or build on the server because the build is defined to true.

Configuring the basic plugin

/manuadd: change a group of players (Adds to the file if not exists).

/manuadd <player> <group>

Permissions required: groupmanager.manuadd

/manudel: removes a player from user file (so it falls into group by default)

/ manudel <player>

Permissions required: groupmanager.manudel

/manpromote: Promote a player of the same level inherited to a higher rank

/manpromote <player> <group>

Permissions required: groupmanager.manpromote

/mandemote: Demote a player of the same level inherited to a lower rank.

/mandemote <player> <group>

Permissions required: groupmanager.mandemote

/manwhois: connaitre le groupe du joueur

/manwhois <player>

Permissions required: groupmanager.manwhois

The Mirrors : how to have the same permission in different world. 


This is the most interesting part of this file. It allows you to apply which group of the world must be the same one in the world 2.

In fact, you don't have to copy/paste your file groups.yml in each case present in the worlds record.

We will take an example. I have 3 worlds: worldworld_pvpworld_freebuild. I want the same groups in the world and world world_pvp but I also want the players to be in their group (and not in the default group).


          - users
          - groups

Now, in the "world_freebuild", I don't want the players can do / tpa. I'll change the groups.yml file.

But I want players to always be in the same group without the same groups perms. This will give:


          - users
          - groups
          - users