Configuring and managing your server

How to install Votifier and use a right port for plugins


Votifier is a popular Minecraft plugin that allows server owners to reward their players for voting for their server on various server listing websites. When a player votes, Votifier will receive the vote and relay it to the server, triggering a reward or notification to the player for their vote.

Votifier is an essential plugin for server owners who want to increase their server's visibility and popularity by incentivizing players to vote for their server on server listing websites. By offering rewards for voting, players are more likely to participate and spread the word about the server, leading to more traffic and potentially more revenue for the server owner.

In addition to the vote forwarding feature, Votifier also offers support for custom vote listeners, allowing server owners to design their own voting rewards, such as in-game items, currency, or other bonuses. With Votifier, server owners have complete control over the voting process, making it a must-have plugin for any server looking to grow its player base.


1. You need to install Spigot, PaperMC, or Craftbukkit to accept plugins. You can follow this tutorial to change your version

2.  Download NuVotifier from the Official SpigotMC website

Uploading Votifier by FTP

1. Click on WebFTP at the top of your panel

2. Navigate to the Plugins folder, and Click on Upload Arrow on the bottom of window

3. Select the nuvotifier.jar file that you previously downloaded, 

4. Wait for the file transfer to be done

5. Once the upload is complete, start your server

Configuring Votifier 

1. Once the server is started, open the WebFTP and navigate to the "Plugins / Votifier" folder,  click on config.yml, and select  "edit"

2. Check that the host IP address corresponds to your server, here it's

Change the port to a port between 31000 and 32500, here I chose 31313 because my server port Is 25313, so it's easier to remember.
/!\ Note that the port must not be in use by another server, otherwise you will get an error and Votifier won't work, so avoid using a round number to have less chance of being already in use.

Click on Save button to confirm the changes

3. Restart the server

4. Open the Console and check for any errors.

5. Check in the live console that Votifier is loaded correctly, you should see a line with the IP address and Port on which Votifier is binded to.

Download your Votifier's Public Key

1. Open the WebFTP in order to recover the votifier's public.key, and navigate to "Plugins / Votifier / rsa".

Click on the file public.key, and select Download.

2. Open the votifier's public.key file with the text editor of your choice, by exemple Notepad, and Copy the public key.

Test your Votifier's Public Key

Go to this website https://minestatus.net/tools/votifier or similar votifier testers

1. Enter your server IP, for the tutorial

2. Enter your Votifier port that you configured before, for the tutorial 31313

3. Paster the Votifier's public key that you previously copied

4. Enter your Minecraft Username

5.  Click on Test button to see if connection is working.

6. Congratulations, you configured with success your Votifier