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The Team

Setting Up And Support

I have bought minecraft servers a few times in the past using Minecraft Hosting Pro, no problems so far, I had an issue with the server this week, and they fixed it super quick, the support it's great!
I recommend it to anyone!

Excellent service

Never had a problem with their servers. Good price for a really good quality experience. The Help Desk answers to tickets really fast and they are efficient in helping you !

I've used Minecraft Hosting Pro for Modded Minecraft Servers

To start, my experiences have been running servers for smaller communities so this review is coming from that perspective. Having said that, I've used Minecraft Hosting Pro for modded Minecraft servers for years and never had an issue that the support team hasn't been able to help with. They're reliable and quick with responding to questions and issues. There's been no difficulties with the service on the server side either. No lag issues when using the correct amount of ram for the pack and we've never experienced stuttering or long term outages of any sort. Beyond a very rare and brief server outage here and there, everything has been perfect.
The interface for interacting with the server itself is very intuitive and everything is easy to find. If something is a little finicky then the FAQs and tutorials are very helpful with learning how to do things.
Honestly, I recommend them, and have done so, for both vanilla and modded Minecraft servers.

Good Host, Low Lag, Affordable

Experience with the host as a whole as been 5/5. If you need a pack to auto install you can just DM them, response is a tad slow but they will upload it.
Normally we buy a year at a time from these guys.

Great Minecraft Server Hosts

They are really good place for Minecraft servers, They are decently quick at getting back to your question, if you open a ticket. They have quite a few different modpacks available, but if needed one that is not on the list, all you need to do is ask, and they will get back to you with an answer relatively quick, depending on the time you sent the request in.

I opened a ticket for support and was..

I opened a ticket for support and was given support within just a few minutes.

The Best Minecraft Server Hosting Site!

The Best Minecraft Server Hosting I've Used!

I’d give 5 if it wasn’t for the support

Their hosting services are pretty good and cheap! Tested a few different hosting services but this is absolutely the one for both performance and price.
Their support is also very good except it takes a few hours to get a reply from one of their support team. I would recommend you to make an discord server where members can also help each other if it is an easy issue to fix.
hmu if you need any help to create an discord server for your hosting services!

Very fast and concise

I have a problem choosing the region of server, but help desk resolve my problems very fast.

Amazing website for Minecraft Servers !

This website is absolutely amazing for Minecraft servers. Not only does it run very well, but the prices are also very reasonable and there are many options to choose from. I really appreciate the fact that they don't require a monthly payment, unlike other servers. Support answers fairly quickly and provides great solutions. This is a very well-functioning website and I definitely believe it's worth investing in!

Best Customer Service Experience I've Had !

We have used several server hosts in the past and always return back to Minecraft Hosting Pro. They're reliable, fairly priced, and the customer service is amazing. They have gone out of there way time and time again to ensure we have the best experience possible and I really value that.

Amazing user experience

Quick support (lightning fast), nice features, one click modpack installation

Good service and a quick response from..

Good service and a quick response from the support team.

Great server

Good server, u need to pay tho. but good stable server, new beginner frendly and ez to use with plugins

Good experience

Hosting is really good, i didnt experience any lagg or tps loss, support team is always replying fast and they always solve your problem.

Everything you'd expect

Everything you'd expect. Fast, reliable responses. I was confused about a recent Minecraft Java vulnerability, and the person that helped me answered all of my questions promptly.

Best Minecraft Hosting Ever

I have been using this hosting service for a long time never faced a problem, pricing is amazing and on top of that this servers has the best CPU's for modded minecraft even hard modded servers run flawlessly.
This is the only website I tell about to my friends.
Thanks for your service.

Good service !

Needed an additional port, customer service was nice and quickly!

Very good hosting page

The server works well and the price is fair, in addition to the fact that the customer service is very good

The best hosting !

The best hosting!
It is so cheap and server never lags!
And they help you supporting

Great support fixed the issue with in..

Great support fixed the issue with in the hour.

Nice Host

I have used this website 2 times and both times got a very powerful server for a very good price, perfect for big servers o small servers with lots of mods.

Only good impressions

This is not the first time I need to rent a server for my Minecraft build, so I approached the choice of hosting very seriously. I needed a machine that could pull a fairly heavy mod build and "" were able to meet my needs!
The wide selection and fine configuration emphasizes the level of this service, and the support team always responds without making me wait long.
"" definitely deserves my recommendation! Thank you very much!

Wonderful and expedient service

Wonderful and expedient service. Had an issue where a file was named wrong and wasn't being recognized. The problem was solved and the server is now back up and running. Thank you

Very helpful people in the helpdesk

Very helpful people in the helpdesk. I had lots of questions and they they answered all of them. I had a few problems and they helped me fix them all.
so 5 stars from me. :)

Issue with loading server

I had an issue my server not loading due to mods i had, but not knowing how to fix and opened up a ticket. I was answered and support fixed my problem. super duper happy to have my server working now thankyouu.

Problems solved and really nice support !

Having encountered problems on my server, support came to my server. I was initially scared because I thought it was a random person on my private server. I have whitelist but hey, I understood after that it was an administrator. He then helped me and fixed the problem! Thank you !

No lag low ping and simple and nice..

No lag low ping and simple and nice control panel

Unexpectedly good with the low memory servers

Really good, runs unexpectedly well for the low memory the servers have, Ive had a perfect experience with this hosting, but theres still some issues to it, mostly in the setting up process with modded servers, theres also some glitches which make no sense to me such as opening a loom causing the server to crash even though as I said it runs perfectly, so a pretty good experience overall even though there are still some flaws that need to be fixed

Best hosting service

I just wanted to host a server so i did.. And i loved it so i kept buying it and here i am, with my favorite hosting service!

They offer the best service

Nice people with their customer service, In a single word it would be "Excellent", They offer the best service.


Amazing hosting server. I have been a customer of theirs for years and never had any issues with them. Most efficient and simple host out there in my opinion.

I've been using this host for a server..

I've been using this host for a server with my friends and it's been amazing. Also I had a security problem and they helped me within hours. Highly recommended

Support is pretty cool, funny and simple

Support is pretty cool and funny HAHA
I ordered a 1 dollar server using 50% off order over an year ago i just saw how funny the support is, absolutely love the simplicity provided by the support, they refunded the dollar later it was funny. Simplicity just makes it better, its easy to understand what they are trying to tell you.

Great Server Hosting

I've used a couple different hosting services, this is by far and away the best I've used. It has a very comprehensive and easy-to-use UI which makes changing the server between modpacks and uploading maps a breeze. Good prices too. Definitely would recommend!

What more could you ask for ?

My friends and I decided about a year ago that we wanted to play some minecraft together. I had never done a server before but knew that none of our computers had what it took to run one with as many people as we wanted. After asking my friends I was recommended to check out Minecraft Hosting Pro. I will now be the friend to recommend them if I ever hear someone wanting to do this. Any questions I had were answered quick and simply, the interface was incredibly user friendly, the price was great, and I have no complaints coming out of our year. If we decide to pick minecraft up again, we will definitely be coming back here for all our server needs.

I had problems with changing my server..

I had problems with changing my server to modded and they helped me fix the problem very quickly

Extremely helpful staff

Extremely helpful staff. Highly recommended for beginning or experienced server owners. Good deals come by often as well.

Amazing support, Easy to use

Rented a server for the first time on and realized that the modpack version that I wanted was not already on it (Since it was fairly new) So I contacted support which quickly got back to me and added it for me. On top of this, the interface for the server is easy to use while still allowing the user to tweek every detail of the server to his/her liking.
I will be a returning costumer for sure! AMAZING service!

Been hosting me

I've been hosted by this service for months and though there can be lag (normal for any type of server), they can correct those types of issues by adjusting a few settings as long as you open a support ticket and let them be aware of the issue.
Support tries their best to get the point across without having to type 30 paragraphs like the major companies would do. If there's anything you don't understand in their replies, simply ask, and they explain further and with more detail.
Though they do not have an auto-renew feature, there are reminder banners on the site when you're logged in that remind you to pay for renewal of your server, so you should never forget to pay.
There was recently a payment error for my server and that caused it to fail renewal, still removing the reminder banners as well. This kind of thing would make one believe it had actually renewed, even while having a PayPal receipt stating that it was payed; but I signed on one day after the payment, and my server was gone.
I had contacted customer support about the issue, and though I was pretty furious (apologized to them afterwards) that I had spent this money on renewal, the banners went away, and my server was gone. We had then further discussed things and they were more than happy to send me a link to an archive of my server backup, so I didn't risk losing anything I had been working on in the passed few months.
Fair prices and multiple packages to choose from, making it easier to decide which one would be best for you. Though the free servers are minimal of everything and only limited to player space, it's a good package to choose to start off with, especially if you just want to play vanilla with a few friends.


Very good working servers. Very easy to operate and control the server.

Just perfect go for it

Just perfect go for it. If u find having any problems, maybe it's from user error :) Fast response even in this global circumstances. I recommend it

10/10 service

Can't fault the service I've had, set up was incredibly straightforward and the staff have been really helpful when I had a few teething questions, effectively 0 down time and the customisation options are top tier - especially the ability to switch from Vanilla to PaperMC at the click of a button while keeping your world etc. The price is great too so really can't complain, thanks guys.

I accidently bought server on wrong region

I accidently bought a server on the wrong region. I decided to contact them for help and in less then 24hours they gave me the tokens to buy a new one!
These guys are serious, the servers are great and the service is really good!

Very good service and very easy to use

They offer very good plans for good prices. Customer support is very helpful. I have had multiple questions and they always answer me in a reasonable time. Highly recommend.

Excellent service

Great customer service and they were able to help me pinpoint the exact issue, their hosting service is also excellent as i rarely have any downtime, i would definitely recommend this to my friends as i already do, its a easy and affordable hosting service and they do their job excellently.

Nice treatment from the employee

Nice treatment from the employee, but the delay was a little annoying

Ticket answered

Ticket answered, problem solved. I'm happy with the result, overall great experience. Keep the great work up :p

Absolutely love how fast every..

Absolutely love how fast every modification for the server happens without single issue. Support side is also really fast with quick response time as well as improvements happen quickly. Performance of the server is more than enough, capable of running 32 chunks view distance even.

Great Hoster

Great Hoster! The server doesn't lag and it's a good deal for this price!

Best Minecraft Hosts

Powerful servers without downtime. And also a great support team which answer tickets so fast.

Great servers, good price, great support

I have bought minecraft servers a few times in the past using Minecraft Hosting Pro, no problems so far, I had an issue with the server this week, and they fixed it super quick, the support it's great!

A little rocky start but support were..

A little rocky start but support were helpful and sorted things out as fast as they could, i recommend this hosting for anyone needing a cheap minecraft server.

Great Host and great service every..

Great Host and great service every question I asked was answered after a few minutes even though I had many of them and each problem I had they knew how to solve it really proffesional team

Would Recommend

The server ran great 95% of the time. Crashed once or twice due to high ram usage but I got a cheaper plan so that was more or less expected. Their support team responded very quickly and helped me solve my issue very fast. Overall I would recommend.

I have really enjoyed the hosting..

I have really enjoyed the hosting service and the support is decent fast which is always good and i get answer to my question at most of the times also i have really enjoyed the server managing panel. Its very clean ans easy to use. I also love the WebFTP tool. This service is also pretty cheap and made my dream possible with my survival server raiditcraft. I have always wanted to be part of hermitcraft so i created my own in hope to someday get to the real one.

Actually works and worth the money

I really like this for one it actually works. 2 it’s cheap. Also easy to use. Unfortunately it’s only downfall is the clarity of what certain icons mean. Also some grammar mistakes. I would kinda say 10$ is a high price for a 4core server maybe just make it 5 or 6 dollars but I may not understand there reasoning.

Awesome server performance but there are a few caviats

Awesome server performance. There's literally nothing quite like it anywhere else. The limited disk space is a negative thing though. Also, the support team takes time to respond.
The limited disk space is a bummer. I though it would be, you know, maybe a 32gb max worldsize with the 4GB plan. NO. it's limite to 8GB and it's not advertized anywhere. But still, the performance more than makes up for it. The server is TOTALLY Worth it. Every single penny. 100% would recommend.

Amazing Service

Very quick Support & fixes your issue right away, amazing service!


Best minecraft host, i'm from brazil and i bought it several times, i think i could have a form of payment using a currency of my country

Easy to navigate panel, Fast response, affordable

Very nice service, it's one of the most affordable Minecraft hosting services out there, the panel's not confusing at all, literally posted a ticket not even 30 minutes later I got a response, also nice and respectful people

Mistake Easily Fixed

I signed up, bought the wrong plan and got a refund with no fuss at all.

Long Time Customer

I have been renting servers with you guys for over 4 years now. There is a reason for this: you offer quality services at an inexpensive price. It is so great to be able to come home from college on breaks and purchase a server for my friends and me to play on. I appreciate all the updates over the years like the new FTP and console upgrades and the freedom that I am given with my server. Always keep doing what you are doing :)

Mc hosting pro Review

I have been using this server host for months now, and it hasn't failed me. You are getting what you are paying for, and the layout is great. Whenever I have a problem, I get quick responses from the mc hosting team! 10/5 stars

Amazing server hosting !

I do enjoy renting servers from your hosting site beacause of the userfriendly interface and fast support! Continue your good work, we're currently working on a public minecraft server and i'll be sure to give you credit for the server hosting!

EXTREMELY fast service

EXTREMELY fast service. Way better than expected.

Thank you so much for your good..

Thank you so much for your good service. Always happy with your service

I have been working with Minecraft..

I have been working with Minecraft Hosting Networks for almost 5 years, and I cannot find a better company if it will be about my hosting services. They have proven their name and expertise with dedicated hosting and I am very proud to recommend them with the other businesses.

Wax very surprised with the speed in..

Was very surprised with the speed in which I was replied to, I was having troubles getting modpacks up and running, eventually they offered that if I just sent them the modpack they would put it up for me! Very happy with the service I received.Great Hosting!