How to configure Dynmap plugin for your server ?

This tutorial will help you for the installation and the configuration of Dynmap plugin for your server.

Don't forget to install a plugin you need to be on Craftbukkit or Spigot. So if you are in another version, please read this tutorial in first ==>

1. Go to "Plugins" panel to install Dynmap. 

2. Click on the button to install "Dynmap".

(Currently my server is on "Craftbukkit 1.9" and I can install "Dynmap 1.9" because it's available.) 

After the installation click on the "Play" or "Restart" icon to start the server to create "Dynmap" folder.

Go to "FTP" panel in this directory ==> Plugins/dynmap/configuration.txt

Click with the online text editor on the file "configuration.txt".

3. Put your server IP without the port at line 319  #webserver-bindaddress :

4. You can use a port between 31000 and 32500. Don't use the same port on all your plugins.

    Put the port at line 322 #webserver-port : 31333

For me it's 31333

And click on the green button to SAVE.

"RESTART" the server to apply the modifications.

Go in the "Console" panel to "op" yourself write like this ==> op (your nickname)

5. And go in Minecraft and write this command to load your map render ==> /dynmap fullrender

It's take around 10 or 20 minutes to the full charging of the map.

6. Finally, go to your web broswer and write your IP with the port that you've chosen ==>

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