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How to install a VOIDS WRATH modpack ?

VOIDS WRATH is a popular modpack launcher that allows players to easily install and play modded Minecraft. The launcher offers a variety of modpacks, each with its own unique theme, selection of mods, and gameplay experience. Whether you're looking for a challenging adventure or a relaxing sandbox experience, there's a VOIDS WRATH modpack for you.

These modpacks requires at least 4GB of RAM to run, so make sure that your server plan has enough resources.

The first step in installing the Voids Wrath Minecraft modpack is to download and install the Void Launcher. The Void Launcher is an application that allows you to manage and launch Minecraft modpacks. You can download the Void Launcher from the official website.

Client installation

1. Open the launcher, go in "MOD PACK" panel.

2. Choose the modpack that you want to install, by exemple PokePack 2.

3. Click on "PLAY" to download.

Server installation

Connect to your control panel during the download of the modpack to install the modpack on your server.
Voids Wrath modpacks are available under the "
Others Modpacks" section.

1. Navigate to "Versions" on your panel

2. Select the Others Modpacks, or use the search field and type "vwrath" to display the voids wrath modpacks,

3. Select the version you want, here PokePack

4. And click on "REINSTALL" to confirm and begin the installation

5. Wait during the installation, it can takes a couple of minutes, the time to copy all modpack files.

6. Start the server.

7. You can now open your VOIDS WRATH launcher and click on "PLAY", then join your server.

Voids Wrath Modpacks list

Here are some of the most popular VOIDS WRATH modpacks:

Scramble Craft 2.0: This modpack features a randomized world generation system that creates unique challenges for players to overcome. Every time you start a new game, you'll have to adapt to a new set of rules and conditions, making it an exciting and unpredictable experience.

Crazy Craft 4.0: One of the most popular modpacks in the Minecraft community, Crazy Craft 4.0 offers players a ton of new features, including new mobs, biomes, structures, and more. It also includes new dimensions to explore and plenty of new items to craft.

Jurassic Craft 3: Based on the popular Jurassic Park franchise, this modpack adds prehistoric creatures to the game, including dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and marine reptiles. It also includes new items and biomes inspired by the movies.

Scramble Craft: The original Scramble Craft modpack has been updated to Minecraft 1.6, bringing new features and improvements to the game. It features the same randomized world generation system as the original, but with new mobs, biomes, and items to discover.

Dragons: As the name suggests, this modpack adds dragons to the game, allowing players to raise their own dragon and use it to explore new biomes and battle other dragons. It also includes new items, structures, and challenges to keep players engaged.

Crazy Minecraft: A more streamlined version of the Crazy Craft modpack, Crazy Minecraft still offers players a ton of new content to explore, including new mobs, items, biomes, and more.

Crazy Craft 3.0: The third version of the popular Crazy Craft modpack, this one adds even more features and content, including new dimensions, bosses, and biomes. It also includes new items and weapons to help you in your adventures.

Pokepack: This modpack brings the world of Pokemon into Minecraft, allowing players to catch and train their own Pokemon. It includes new items, biomes, and structures inspired by the Pokemon games.

Voids Wrath: The namesake of the VOIDS WRATH modpacks, this one includes a variety of mods that add new dimensions, mobs, biomes, and more. It also includes new weapons and armor to help you on your adventures.

Crusader Craft: This modpack is set in medieval times and features new biomes, structures, and mobs inspired by the era. It also includes new items and weapons, such as swords and crossbows, that are perfect for battling enemies and exploring the world.

Each of these modpacks offers a unique Minecraft experience with a variety of mods to explore, new challenges to overcome, and endless hours of gameplay. With VOIDS WRATH, players can easily install and switch between modpacks to find the perfect one for their playstyle.