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How to Change the MOTD on a Minecraft Server

The MOTD is an important aspect of a Minecraft server, as it provides a brief description of the server and its purpose. Having a well-designed MOTD can attract more players to your server and give it a unique personality.

To change the MOTD, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create the MOTD: You can use a website such as mctools to format the text with color codes and text styles. Simply type in the desired text, and copy the generated code.

  2. Set the MOTD: Log in to the server's control panel and stop the server. Navigate to "Settings" and paste the generated code in the "Message of the Day" field. Save the changes and start the server.

Now, let's dive into the color code. The color code in Minecraft allows you to add color to your MOTD and make it stand out. The color code uses the '&' or \u00A symbol followed by a character (0-9 or a-f) to represent different colors. For example, &a represents green text, &c represents red text, and &f represents white text.

Available color codes:

&0 or \u00A70 - Black
&1 or \u00A71 - Dark Blue
&2 or \u00A72 - Dark Green
&3 or \u00A73 - Dark Aqua
&4 or \u00A74 - Dark Red
&5 or \u00A75 - Dark Purple
&6 or \u00A76 - Gold
&7 or \u00A77 - Gray
&8 or \u00A78 - Dark Gray
&9 or \u00A79 - Blue
&a or \u00A7a - Green
&b or \u00A7b - Aqua
&c or \u00A7c - Red
&d or \u00A7d - Light Purple
&e or \u00A7e - Yellow
&f or \u00A7f - White

\u00A7k - Obfuscated
\u00A7m - Strikethrough
\u00A7n - Underline
\u00A7r - Reset
\n - Next Line


changing the MOTD on a Minecraft server is a simple process that can greatly enhance the server's personality and attract more players. By using color codes and text styles, you can create a unique and eye-catching MOTD that represents your server and its purpose. If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to contact the support by opening a ticket from your panel.