Configuring and managing your server

How to Adjust The Difficulty

As players progress, they can encounter more challenging enemies and obstacles, which is where the difficulty setting comes in. Setting the difficulty level on a Minecraft server can greatly impact the gameplay experience, as it affects the types and number of hostile mobs that spawn, the amount of damage they deal, and the availability of certain resources.

In this article, we will explore how to set the difficulty in a Minecraft server, including the different difficulty levels available and the steps required to change the setting.

Difficulty Levels in Minecraft

Minecraft has four difficulty levels, each with its own set of challenges and gameplay features:

  1. Peaceful: This is the easiest difficulty level and is designed for players who want a relaxed gameplay experience. In this mode, no hostile mobs spawn, and players can regenerate health automatically.

  2. Easy: This difficulty level is slightly more challenging than Peaceful, with some hostile mobs spawning. Players still regenerate health automatically, but mobs deal more damage.

  3. Normal: Normal is the default difficulty level for most Minecraft servers. It offers a balance between challenge and accessibility, with a variety of hostile mobs spawning and dealing significant damage.

  4. Hard: This is the most challenging difficulty level, with many hostile mobs spawning and dealing high amounts of damage. Players do not regenerate health automatically, and they must use food or potions to heal.

How to Adjust the Difficulty

1. Connect to your panel, navigate to the Settings page (first page)

2. Locate the Difficulty field

3. Select the value you want

4. Click on to "SAVE CHANGES"

5. Restart the server


Setting the difficulty level in a Minecraft server can greatly impact the gameplay experience. Whether you want a relaxed game or a challenging adventure, Minecraft offers a range of difficulty levels to suit your needs. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can easily change the difficulty level in your Minecraft server and customize the gameplay experience for you and your players.