Configuring and managing your server



ATLauncher is a Minecraft launcher that allow you to easily download and install a large number of modpacks.
A modpack is an already configured assembly of plugins and code that give you a new gaming experience.

You won't have to worry about configurations, all the setup work is already made for you.

Famous Modpacks such Sky Factory, CrendeeCraft, or Beyond Reality are hosted though ATLauncher.
They are available though 1-Click installs on your hosting control panel.


Packs availables
DNS Tech Pack, Hermit Craft, Hermit Craft 2, Journey to the Core, TrollCraft, Aftermath, Bevo's Tech Pack, Beyond Reality, Bytesize, Crack Pack, Crainer Craft, Crundee Craft, Jurassic World, Mad Pack, Natural Magic, Resonant Rise, Revenge of the C-Team, Revolution, Revolution 2, Sky Factory, Technodefirmacraft, ATXisuminati, Yogscast

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