Configuring and managing your server



Spigot is a fork of Craftbukkit that was the first server API to integrate plugins.
Spigot takes things a lot deeper by giving extra enhancements and utilities. While Craftbukkit development has been stopped, Spigot has become the most reliable solution to handle Minecraft Plugins.

With Spigot you can basically create your own game by using a large variety of plugins to add functionality to Minecraft.
If you need support to configure or install plugins, Spigot has a large and strong community dedicated to helping you though their forums.
Also good to know that Spigot is a bit more optimized than the vanilla version, generally it will consume fewer CPU resources.
We provide multiple Spigot up-to-date versions to allow you to run all kinds of Minecraft plugins.

Spigot without plugins already brings some interesting additional features
In particular, you will find two additional configuration files (in addition to the traditional server.properties)

These files (spigot.yml and bukkit.yml), allow you to refine the configuration of your server
They allow you, for example, to adjust the speed of plant growth, mob spawn, or error messages.

The main advantage of Spigot compared to a Vanilla server is the ability to add plugins to your server
As a reminder, a plugin is a small program to add to your server files, to add new dimensions to the game, especially for everything relating to online gaming (permissions, chat, commerce or scores, etc.).

Most plugins are free and improve the gaming experience on your server by adding a multitude of features (administration, automation, economy systems, mini-games, etc.)
Some paid plugins often allow you to add new or "premium" new features to make your server stand out or to monetize certain exclusive benefits afterward.

As said, one of the big advantages of plugins is the administration of the latter
Indeed, it is unthinkable to open a server to the public without being able to limit the rights of new players.

Here are some essential plugins:

LuckPerms: This plugin is a highly customizable and advanced permissions plugin that gives you all the benefits of permissions, whether you want to set up simple groups or proceed with groups by world, inheritance, etc. 

EssentialsX: This is the Essentials plugin, updated for 1.8+ servers. Adds possibilities (or limitations) on many actions of the game (/ spawn, / home, and warps in particular).

PermissionsEx: Allows you to assign permissions to any player action (breaking a block, using a plugin, etc.)

WorldEdit: This is a user-friendly editor for the in-game world for any server. 

WorldGuard: Allows you to secure certain regions of the server (your spawn for example), in order to avoid its destruction by players

CraftBook: a very powerful and highly customizable plugin that offers everything. Lifts, custom crafting recipes, hidden switches, item binding commands, and more.

Vault: This is an authorization, discussion, and economy API that allows plugins to easily connect to your other plugins without having to be attached to or dependent on each plugin itself. Many plugins will need this one as a dependency.

Multiverse Core: this plugin allows you to create, load, modify and delete multiple worlds on one server at the same time.

ClearLagg: this plugin is useful to reduce and eliminate server lag. This plugin can improve server performance and provides other benefits such as mob and spawner limiters that can be enabled if needed.


Versions availables

1.7.10 to latest

Official website