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Curse Forge - Twitch modpacks

Curse Forge is a popular platform for Minecraft modding, offering a range of features and tools for both mod developers and server owners.
The largest deposit of minecraft modpacks, Curse - Twitch allow you to easely download the mods files required and to configure the Minecraft launcher for you.
Most of the more popular modpacks are currently hosted by Twitch, as Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons, SkyFactory 4, SevTech: Ages, Enigmatica and All the Mods 3.

In this article, we'll explore some of the key benefits and features of Curse Forge, as well as some tips for getting started with the platform.

What is Curse Forge?

Curse Forge is a platform for Minecraft modding and hosting, owned by Twitch. It offers a range of tools and resources for mod developers, including a modding API, a modpack creator, and a repository of user-submitted mods. For server owners, Curse Forge provides a curated selection of mods and modpacks, making it easy to find and install the latest mods and plugins for Minecraft.

Benefits of Curse Forge

Easy Mod Installation: Curse Forge makes it easy to find and install mods for Minecraft, with a searchable database of user-submitted mods and modpacks. You can browse mods by category, popularity, and other criteria, and install them with just a few clicks.

Large Community: Curse Forge has a large and active community of mod developers and users, making it easy to find help and support when you need it. You can browse forums, chat with other users, and get help with mod development or server hosting.

Modding API: Curse Forge provides a comprehensive modding API, allowing developers to create and distribute mods for Minecraft. The API includes a range of tools and resources, including documentation, tutorials, and code samples, making it easy for developers to get started with modding.

Modpack Creator: Curse Forge includes a modpack creator tool, which allows you to easily package and distribute custom modpacks for Minecraft. You can choose from a wide range of mods, customize the pack's settings, and share it with other users via the Curse Forge platform.

Getting Started with Curse Forge

To get started with Curse Forge, you'll need to create an account on the platform. Once you've signed up, you can browse mods, download and install them, and create custom modpacks using the modpack creator tool.

If you're a mod developer, you can use the modding API to create and distribute your own mods. The API includes a range of resources and tools, including documentation, tutorials, and code samples, making it easy to get started with modding.

Modpacks Availables

Over 200+ Modpacks : All the Mods 3, Enigmatica, Enigmatica 2, Enigmatica 2 Expert, Farming Valley, Life in the Village, Pokemon Adventure, Project Ozone 3, Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons, SevTech Ages, Sky Factory 4, Space Astronomy 2, Stone Block, Stone Block 2, World of Dragons.

If you want to install a modpack not listed, do not hesitate to ask us, by opening a support ticket, our Team will add the server files for you.


Curse Forge is a powerful and user-friendly platform for Minecraft modding and hosting. Whether you're a server owner looking to add new features and plugins to your server, or a mod developer looking to share your creations with the Minecraft community, Curse Forge is a great choice.

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