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Feed The Beast

FTB (Feed The Beast) is a popular third-party launcher for Minecraft modpacks. The platform was created to make it easier for players to install and play modpacks, which are collections of mods that can significantly alter the gameplay of Minecraft.

FTB was first introduced in 2012 and quickly became a go-to choice for players who wanted to explore new game mechanics and features. The launcher provides players with a wide variety of modpacks to choose from, including both custom and community-created packs.

One of the main advantages of using FTB is that it eliminates the need for players to manually install mods. Instead, players can browse and select modpacks from the FTB launcher, which automatically downloads and installs all of the necessary mods and files.

FTB has a large and active community of modpack creators and users. The launcher is regularly updated with new packs and features, and there are plenty of resources available for players who need help getting started or troubleshooting issues.

FTB also provides players with a number of additional features, such as a built-in server browser and support for multiplayer gameplay. This makes it easier for players to find and join servers that are running their favorite modpacks.

In addition to its extensive library of modpacks, FTB also hosts several official modpacks, including the popular FTB Infinity Evolved and FTB SkyFactory. These packs are designed and curated by the FTB team and offer a high-quality Minecraft modding experience.

Most Popular FTB Modpacks

Here are some of the most popular FTB modpacks and a brief description of each:

FTB Infinity Evolved

This modpack is all about exploration and adventure. It includes over 175 mods and is designed to be a challenging and rewarding experience.

FTB Sky Factory 4

In this modpack, players start on a single tree in the sky and must work to build their way up from there. The pack includes over 30 mods and is designed to be a challenging and unique experience.

FTB Revelation

This modpack is designed to be a "kitchen sink" pack, which means it includes a wide variety of mods for players to experiment with. With over 200 mods, there's something for everyone in this pack.

FTB Horizons III

This modpack focuses on automation and industrialization. It includes over 100 mods that add new machines, tools, and systems to the game, making it ideal for players who enjoy creating complex automated systems.

FTB Stoneblock 2

This modpack takes place in a world where everything is made of stone. Players must mine and gather resources to survive, and the pack includes over 130 mods to help them along the way.

FTB Continuum

This modpack is all about progression and challenge. It includes over 170 mods and is designed to be a difficult but rewarding experience for experienced players.

FTB Beyond

This modpack is another "kitchen sink" pack that includes a wide variety of mods. With over 200 mods, it offers endless possibilities for players to explore and experiment with.

FTB inferno

An expert-style mod pack for survival, exploration, and questing called Inferno with unique dungeon and event systems.

These are just a few of the many modpacks available in FTB, and each one offers a unique and exciting experience for players.


FTB is an excellent choice for players who want to explore the world of Minecraft modding without the hassle of manually installing and configuring mods. With its extensive library of modpacks, active community, and user-friendly launcher, FTB has something to offer players of all skill levels and interests.

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