Feed The Beast


A collection of popular minecraft modpacks easely instalable though one Launcher.

Feed The Beast is great to begin with mods, they are stables, well developped and have been proven over the years.

A lot of famous minecraft modpacks are developed by Feed the Beast, used by millions of players, such as Direwolf20, Ultimate REloaded, Sky Factory.

Easely one click install them through the control panel.


Modpacks Availables
Beyond, Continuum, Infinity, Infinity Lite, Interactions, Revelation, Sky Adventure, Modern Skyblock 3 Departed, Sky Factory 3, Ultimate Reloaded, Argarian Skies, BloodNBones, Direwolf 20, Horizons, Lite 3, Magic World, Mindcrack, Monster, Tech World, Unleashed

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