Forge is a free, open-source and unofficial Minecraft extension for installing mods.
A mod is a small program, created by independent developers, modifying the original game, by adding mobs, new blocks, improvement, content..  basically using minecraft base to provide a new gaming experience.

It's different than Plugins, the modifications are deeper, a mod can integrate the equivalence of multiple plugins functionalities.
In a more technical jargon, Forge is an API allowing mods developed by the community to interact with the Minecraft Game code.

So Forge is needed to run a large amounts of mods, once forge is installed, as with bukkit of spigot, you just have to upload the .jar mods file into the mods directory and start your server.

Take care to not use clients mod that are not compatible with the server, many mods are only dedicated to the client side, with GUI.

The server doesn't support GUI code, so it will just refuse to start.


Versions Availables

1.6.2 to latest

Official Website

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