How to find your plugins CPU consumption with Timings

When you use bukkit, spigot or papermc and start adding plugins, you may want to know the amount of CPU used by each ones.
Especially when you start to have an hight CPU usage on your server, affecting your performances ingame.

The timings report is a diagnostic tool designed for this purpose.

How to make a timings report on your server ?

- You must be operator

- Start and connect to your server

- Enter the command /timings on to activate the timings record.

- Let the timings generate data for at least 10min, during this time you can play normaly on your server, all the process is transparent.

- After 10min, enter the command /timings paste, this will stop the record and generate a link.
Note that if you try to enter this command before 3min, you will get an error message, please be patient :)

- Use the displayed link to consult your server timings.

and start playing with your friends
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