How to stop mobs from breaking blocks

Open your server Console or enter into your Minecraft Server.
Type the command
 /gamerule mobGriefing false  (ensuring to respect the upper case letters).

This'll prevent certain mobs from breaking your blocks.
Simply type
/gamerule mobGriefing true to re-enable mob griefing.

/!\ Please note that these commands are case sensitive.

Mobs will be unable to intefere with your world:

Blazes can't create fire or light campfires.
Creepers can't destroy blocks when they explode.
End crystals can't destroy blocks when they explode.
Zombies can't break doors and attack turtle eggs.
Enderman can't pick up or place blocks.
Ghasts prevant fireballs from exploding blocks and to create fire.
Withers can't explose skulls from destrying blocks.
Ender Dragons can't destroy blocks.
Rabbits can't eat carrot crops.
Sheep can't turn grass blocks into dirt.
Villagers can't farm and pick up items.
Silverfish can't hide in stone and to destroy blocks when hatching.
Snow golems can't create snow trails.
End crystals can't destroy blocks when they explode.
Foxes can't pick sweet berries from a sweet berry bush.
Snow golems can't create snow trails.

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