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How to stop mobs from breaking blocks

Mobs breaking blocks in Minecraft can be a frustrating issue, especially if it's causing damage to your structures or farms. Fortunately, there are a few ways to prevent mobs from breaking blocks in the game.

How to block mob griefing ?

Open your server Console or type ingame the commands :

  1. Use the /gamerule command The /gamerule command allows you to change the behavior of the game. To prevent mobs from breaking blocks, use the command "/gamerule mobGriefing false". This will disable the ability of mobs to break blocks. Simply use the command "/gamerule mobGriefing true" to re-enable mob griefind.  (ensuring to respect the upper case letters, these commands are case sensitive).

  2. Use the /entitydata command The /entitydata command allows you to modify the data of an entity in the game.
    To prevent a specific mob from breaking blocks, use the command "/entitydata @e[type=ENTITY_TYPE_HERE {NoAI:1}".
    Replace ENTITY_TYPE_HERE with the type of mob you want to prevent from breaking blocks (e.g., zombie, skeleton, creeper).
    This command will remove the AI of the selected mob, preventing it from breaking blocks.

Mobs will be unable to intefere with your world

When you use the command "/gamerule mobGriefing false" to prevent mobs from breaking blocks in Minecraft, the following mobs will be unable to interfere with the world:

  1. Passive mobs: These are the harmless animals in Minecraft such as cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, and rabbits. They are unable to destroy blocks, so preventing them from breaking blocks isn't necessary.

  2. Villagers: Villagers are passive mobs that trade with players and don't have any ability to break blocks.

  3. Boss mobs: These are the most powerful and rarest mobs in the game, such as the Ender Dragon and the Wither. They are also unable to break blocks.

  4. Water-based mobs: Water-based mobs, such as fish, dolphins, and squids, are unable to break blocks.

  5. Ambient mobs: These are passive mobs that spawn in the game to create atmosphere and ambience, such as bats and parrots. They also cannot break blocks.

Detailed list 

Blazes can't create fire or light campfires.
 can't destroy blocks when they explode.
End crystals
 can't destroy blocks when they explode.
 can't break doors and attack turtle eggs.
can't pick up or place blocks.
prevant fireballs from exploding blocks and to create fire.
 can't explose skulls from destrying blocks.
Ender Dragons
 can't destroy blocks.
 can't eat carrot crops.
 can't turn grass blocks into dirt.
can't farm and pick up items.
can't hide in stone and to destroy blocks when hatching.
Snow golems
 can't create snow trails.
End crystals
 can't destroy blocks when they explode.
can't pick sweet berries from a sweet berry bush.
Snow golems
can't create snow trails.