How to turn off TNT explosions & Creepers

Unlike the mob griefing, you can't turn off the TNT with the classic gamerule command, you will need to install the plugins named WorldGuard and WorldEdit.

First, you must be sure that you are running spigot, papermc, or bukkit on your server to install plugins.
You can change your game version on the first panel page, this won't affect your current world, so you will keep your data.

You can downoad them on and

Once you downloaded the .jar files for each plugin, open the webftp, and drag and drop these 2 files into the plugins directory.

Then, start your server, and you will now be able to turn off the TNT explosions on your server with the the command :
/region flag __global__ tnt deny

if you want to turn them back, use
/region flag __global__ tnt allow

Same if you want to turn off Creeper-explosion :
/region flag __global__ creeper-explosion deny

and for all other :
/region flag __global__ other-explosion deny

/!\ Note that these commands only affect your current world, if you have multiple worlds, you need to teleport and run it on each of them.

and start playing with your friends
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