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How to Fix a Ticking Entity Error

Introduction to Ticking Entity Error

The ticking entity error is a common issue that can appear in Minecraft, and it can be either a ticking entity error or a ticking block entity error.
In this error, a mob or block becomes corrupted in the world, causing the game to crash when the entity is loaded or processed.

This error is usually the result of a mod or combination of mods that alter the core of the game in some way. The game's map is organized into chunks that need to be loaded into your memory for you to interact with your world. A chunk is a zone of 16x16 blocks, and the game updates each creature, block, or event for every chunk of the world in a process called ticking. The game updates 20 times per second, and actions like placing or removing a block are also processed with ticks.

How to Fix ?

To solve the ticking entity error, the first step is to use the crash report generated by the server. The crash report will contain the type of creature or block that causes the crash, the region it is in, and its exact coordinates (X, Y, Z). The crash report contains a section titled "Entity Being Ticked," which contains the name, type, region, and coordinates of the entity that caused the error.

There are several methods to solve this issue, but they all start by backing up your world folder to prevent the loss of your work. Here are some general tips for solving the ticking entity error:

  1. Teleport to the entity and kill it: If your server crashes due to a ticking entity error, you can use the crash report to get the exact coordinates of the ticked entity. You can then teleport to it and kill it manually using the following command: /tp X Y Z (teleport you to the given X, Y, Z coordinates).
    This method is not effective all the time, and you need to ensure you have enough time to teleport and kill the entity before the server crashes.

  2. Use a world editor like MCEdit: You can use MCEdit to generate a view of your world and also fly through it. By using the MCEdit commands, you can teleport to X, Y, Z coordinates into the world and even erase a block or entity. This method has a higher success rate for this kind of issue, but it only works for worlds generated with versions up to 1.11.2, and it does not work on Bedrock worlds.

  3. Use an NBT editor: An NBT editor is an explorer for NBT files also known as region files. Your world is made up of this kind of file that can be loaded by the editor. The NBT editor shows you all the data from a world in a list grouped by regions. So when you use the NBT editor, you will find a list of data and not a generated view like MCEdit. Once you have the crash report, you can take the details about the entity that is being ticked and delete it using the NBT editor, which allows the search of all regions, entities, blocks by name, and coordinates into a data list.


the ticking entity error is a common issue that can appear in Minecraft. It is caused by a corrupted mob or block in the world, and it usually happens because of mods that alter the core of the game. To solve this issue, you can use the crash report generated by the server and try methods like teleporting to the entity and killing it, using a world editor like MCEdit, or using an NBT editor to delete the corrupted entity. Remember to back up your world folder before attempting any of these methods.