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Trial Chambers Preparation Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide for conquering the Trial Chambers in the new Minecraft 1.21 "Tricky Trials" update. This detailed walkthrough will cover everything you need to know to prepare for and survive the perilous trials, ensuring you come out with all the valuable loot and minimal respawns.

Overview of Trial Chambers

Trial Chambers are newly introduced structures in the Tricky Trials update, filled with deadly traps, hostile mobs, and significant rewards. These winding mazes demand strategic planning and resource management to navigate successfully.

Preparation for Trial Chambers

Essential Supplies

Potion of Healing

Description: Quickly restores health, crucial for surviving mob encounters and traps.
Requirements: Brewing stand, awkward potion, glistering melon slice.
Taste Rating: 1/5: Not pleasant, but effective.

Milk Bucket

Description: Removes all status effects, essential for countering poison and other debuffs.
Requirements: Cow, bucket.
Taste Rating: 5/5 - Refreshing and vital for survival.

Golden Apple

Description: Grants Absorption I and Regeneration II, providing both instant health boost and ongoing regeneration.
Requirements: 8 gold ingots, 1 apple.
Taste Rating: 1/5 - Likely metallic, but immensely beneficial.

Meat (Various Types)

Description: Keeps hunger bar full and heals tamed wolves.
Requirements: Cow, pig, sheep, chicken, weapon of choice.
Taste Rating: 2/5 - Functional, but lacks flair.


Description: Can be placed and consumed by multiple players, serving as a tactical food source.
Requirements: Milk, sugar, egg, wheat, friends.
Taste Rating: 5/5 - Delicious and perfect for sharing.

Strategies for Navigating Trial Chambers

  1. Stay Well-Fed: Maintain a full hunger bar to ensure natural health regeneration. Carry a variety of food items, including meat and cake, to avoid running out of supplies.

  2. Use Potions Wisely: Save Potions of Healing for critical moments when health is dangerously low. Milk Buckets should be used immediately after receiving any negative status effects from mobs or traps.

  3. Equip Golden Apples: Use golden apples in intense combat situations or when multiple mobs are present. The absorption and regeneration effects can turn the tide of battle.

  4. Manage Inventory: Keep your inventory organized with essential items like food, potions, weapons, and torches easily accessible. Avoid cluttering with unnecessary items.

  5. Bring a Wolf Pack: If you have tamed wolves, bring them along for additional combat support. Ensure you have enough meat to keep them healthy.

Dealing with Mobs and Traps

Bogged and Breeze Mobs: These new hostile mobs are challenging. Use ranged attacks to deal with them from a distance, and employ melee combat strategically to avoid taking excessive damage.

Trap Awareness: Be cautious of pressure plates, tripwires, and other traps. Use blocks to disable traps or navigate around them.

Group Tactics

Team Coordination: Communicate with your team to ensure everyone is prepared and aware of their roles. Assign tasks such as scouting, combat, and healing.

Shared Resources: Place cakes in central locations within the chamber to serve as communal food sources. Share potions and food with teammates as needed.


Braving the Trial Chambers in the Tricky Trials update requires meticulous preparation and strategic execution. By stocking up on essential supplies, maintaining a full hunger bar, and coordinating with your team, you can overcome the challenges and reap the rewards of this thrilling new addition to Minecraft.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on mastering the Tricky Trials update, and good luck in your adventures!