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Minecraft 1.20 Update

The Minecraft community eagerly awaits the arrival of the highly anticipated Minecraft 1.20 update. This update is unique in many ways, deviating from the traditional release patterns and offering a multitude of exciting features.

During the Minecraft Live 2022 event, Mojang announced that the release of Minecraft 1.20 would not occur until 2023. While the exact release date has yet to be confirmed, based on previous release patterns, we can expect it to be around June 2023. As the developers continue to test new features and mechanics through snapshots, it is advisable to await an official announcement regarding the release date.

What Is the Minecraft 1.20 Update Called? Following the previous update, Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update, which some felt didn't fully embody its title, Mojang has decided to present the Minecraft 1.20 update without an official name. However, the update has now been revealed as Trails and Tales.
This update will introduce exciting features such as archaeology, new mobs including the camel and sniffer, a new biome, armor and shield customization, and much more.

New Features

The Minecraft 1.20 update promises an array of new features that have been confirmed by Mojang, let's explore them :

Archaeology Features
After years of anticipation Minecraft 1.20 will finally introduce archaeology features to the game. Players can search for suspicious sand and gravel blocks, which, when dusted, reveal pottery sherds. These pottery sherds can be combined to create ancient decorated pots, each with a unique design reflecting elements from the Minecraft world. The archaeology system also includes a new brush tool for the dusting process and introduces the Trail Ruins, a new structure that players can explore to uncover ancient artifacts.

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Armor Trims and Customization
In Minecraft 1.20 players will have the ability to customize their armor using armor trim. This new feature allows for 11 pattern designs in 10 unique colors, providing countless possibilities for creating personalized armor sets. While armor trimming is purely aesthetic and does not affect the functionality of the armor, it adds a new layer of customization to the game, making it popular for players seeking unique appearances and team uniforms.

Bamboo Wood and Rafts
The Minecraft 1.20 update introduces a new family of bamboo wood, complete with its own set of blocks and decorative bamboo mosaic blocks. These bamboo blocks offer a unique aesthetic option for builders. Additionally, players can craft rafts using bamboo wood, which function similarly to boats but with a more open appearance.

Banner Shields
Another highly requested feature being added in Minecraft 1.20 is the ability to apply banners to shields. Players can craft colorful banners and combine them with shields, allowing for further customization and personalization of their in-game persona.

Hang & Edit Signs
To provide more flexibility in sign placement, Minecraft 1.20 introduces hanging signs that can be placed on the sides and bottoms of blocks, expanding the creative possibilities for signage. Additionally, players will have the ability to edit signs and rewrite the text on them, eliminating the need to destroy and recreate signs for text changes.

Chiseled Bookshelf
Bookshelves in Minecraft are getting a useful upgrade in the form of chiseled bookshelves. These new bookshelves allow players to store regular and enchanted books. Each storage slot of the chiseled bookshelf emits a Redstone signal with different strengths, making it possible to create secret doorways and other Redstone contraptions.

Creative Inventory Reshuffling
In Minecraft 1.20, the creative mode inventory undergoes a reshuffling to provide a more organized and streamlined experience for players. The inventory is divided into different tabs, including Building Blocks, Colored Blocks, Natural Blocks, Functional Blocks, Redstone Blocks, Tools & Utilities, Combat, Food & Drinks, Ingredients, Spawn Eggs, and Operator Utilities. This new arrangement makes it easier for players to locate and access the items they need for their creative endeavors.

New Mobs Added

Minecraft 1.20 introduces two new mobs that players can encounter in their adventures.

camels are making their way to minecraft as part of the 1.20 update. These large desert-dwelling creatures will naturally spawn in desert biomes. Players can ride camels, offering protection from hostile mobs during nighttime. Camels have the ability to jump over ravines and can be bred using cactus as food.

winner of the minecraft mob vote 2022, the sniffer is a new mob coming to minecraft 1.20. This unique six-legged creature can sniff out seeds for new and unique plants in the game. The sniffer comes in both adult and baby versions, adding breeding possibilities to the gameplay.

New Biomes

Minecraft 1.20 introduces a captivating new biome to explore:

Cherry Blossom Biome
As a delightful surprise, Minecraft 1.20 brings a new biome known as the Cherry Blossom Biome. This overworld forest biome features stunning cherry blossom trees with pink leaves and pink flowers. Players can expect to encounter rabbits and bees predominantly in this biome. The addition of the cherry wood set allows for unique building opportunities, while the dense tree formations offer potential for hidden bases.


The Minecraft 1.20 update, known as Trails and Tales, brings a wealth of exciting features to the game. From the long-awaited archaeology system and armor customization to new mobs like camels and the Sniffer, players can expect a fresh and immersive experience. The introduction of the Cherry Blossom Biome adds a touch of beauty and uniqueness to the Minecraft world. As we eagerly await the official release date, let's anticipate the adventures and creativity that Minecraft 1.20 will unleash upon players.