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Minecraft 1.21: Tricky Trials Update Guide

The Minecraft 1.21 update, named Tricky Trials, is set to revolutionize the game with its challenging new features, mobs, and blocks. This guide provides an in-depth look at the Trial Chambers, a centerpiece of this update, along with tips on how to navigate and conquer these new challenges.

What Are Trial Chambers?

Trial Chambers are the standout feature of the Minecraft 1.21 update. These procedurally generated underground structures are designed to test players' combat skills and strategic thinking with a variety of traps, puzzles, and hostile mobs.

Here's what you need to know:

Structure Components

Atrium: A tall room connecting the entrance chamber to the first corridor.

Corridors: Filled with traps, supply chests, and trial spawners, built with new blocks like copper and chiseled tuff.

Hallways: Branch off from corridors, leading to extra combat chambers.

Chambers: The core of the structure, containing multiple trial spawners, vaults, and a mix of traps and enemies.

Key Features of Trial Chambers

Trial Spawners

Trial Spawners are unique blocks that spawn mobs based on the number of players nearby. Each spawner is surrounded by blocks indicating the type of mob it will spawn, such as copper and chiseled tuff for Breezes.

New Mob : The Breeze

The Breeze is a wind-themed mob exclusive to Trial Chambers. It attacks with wind charges that knock players back and can interact with blocks like buttons and trapdoors. This mob is highly mobile, leaping up to 15 blocks horizontally and 5 blocks vertically. Defeating Breezes rewards players with Breeze Rods and Wind Charges, essential for crafting new items.

New Mob : The Bogged

The Bogged is a swamp-themed skeleton variant found in swamps, mangrove swamps, and Trial Chambers. It shoots poisoned arrows, making it a formidable opponent. These mobs drop Arrows of Poison upon defeat, adding an extra layer of challenge to the chambers.

Essential Gear for Trial Chambers

To successfully navigate Trial Chambers, equip yourself with:

Diamond Armor: Enhanced with enchantments for extra protection.

Sword: Preferred for its speed, though a Mace, crafted from Breeze Rods, offers powerful smash attacks.

Shield: Essential for blocking wind charges.

Additional Supplies: Include food for health regeneration, water buckets to counter knockback, and potions of slow falling to avoid fall damage.

Finding Trial Chambers

Exploring Cave Systems

Trial Chambers are commonly found in the deepslate layers of the Overworld. Look for noticeable bulges in large caves, which can indicate their presence.

Using a Cartographer Map

Trade with a journeyman-cartographer villager for a trial explorer map, costing 12 emeralds and a compass. This map will guide you to the nearest Trial Chamber.

Commands for Quick Access

Enable cheats and use the command /locate structure minecraft:trial_chambers to find the nearest chamber. This method provides coordinates, allowing for quick navigation.

The Loot and Rewards

Trial Chambers offer valuable loot:

Breeze Rods: Used for crafting new weapons and special items.

Wind Charges: Create powerful projectiles.

Flow Armor Trim: Enhances armor with unique abilities.


The Minecraft 1.21 Tricky Trials update introduces a wealth of new content designed to challenge and excite players. From the procedurally generated Trial Chambers to new mobs like the Breeze and Bogged, and innovative features like the Crafter block, there's plenty to explore and master. Prepare your gear and strategy to conquer these new adventures and reap the rewards!

For more details on Minecraft 1.21, visit the official Minecraft website.