How to install a minecraft shader pack ?

To install a shaderpack on Minecraft, you need to install OptiFine, it's a forge mod that allow you to improve the Minecraft Java version, by increasing the display frame rate, allowing to use HD Texture pack and to apply effects on them.

You first need to install OptiFine, you can download the installation files here

You must select and download the file according to your Minecraft version

Then execute the downloaded file

Click on "install", the installation is almost instant,

Installation was succesfull, you can now click on "Ok"

Now you can launch Minecraft, the OptiFine Profil should be selected

If you go on Options / Video settings tab, you will now find more settings.
You can add the shader pack by click on Shaders... button

Then you will see a list of the installed shaders, if you want to add one, click on the Shaders Folder on the bottom left

This will open your shader directory,
located on C:\Users\Your_session_name\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\shaderpacks

Drag and drop the Shader pack that you previously downloaded, by exemple BSL.

If you don't have shader pack yet, you can find the best ones here

The pack should now appear on the Shaders lists

Click on the Shader you want to activate, this will reload Minecraft

The shader is now activated, click on "Done" 3 times to confirm and close the menus,
Then launch a game

Enjoy :)

For more you can check :

Official OptiFine website
OptiFine Discord
Minecraft Forum OptiFine Topic

For improved performances, you can also install the new Iris Shaders, the installation process is the same, you only need to download the Iris mod file here instead of OptiFine. 

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