Minecraft-Hosting.Pro Options Explanations

This article is to inform you about all the options that Minecraft-Hosting.Pro provides and those they can offer you. 

Overclocked Hardware: 

This option costs $10 per month, you can use it only when you create a new server.

Give a +50% boost to your server minecraft with the overclocked hardware:
Intel i7-7700K OC, 4c/8t - 4,7 GHz/5,00 GHz, 64Go DDR4 2400 MHz, SSD NVMe
The Overclocked hardware option can't be added or removed on existing server. 
Please be sure before ordering your server.


Premium Hardware: 

This option costs $5 per month, you can use it only when you create a new server.

Premium Hardware provides the latest innovations and improved hardware specially designed to offer the lowest latency possible on your Minecraft server.
We use the latest Intel Devil's canyon i7 4790K @ 4 GHz+ with 32Go DDR4 1866 MHz RAM, SSD DISK, and also a consolidated DDoS protection designed for Minecraft.
The Premium hardware option can't be added or removed on existing server.

Please be sure before ordering your server.

LiveMap Viewer:

This option costs 5$ per month.

Show until 5 worlds to your friends as a 3D Google Map of your Minecraft server, generated and automatically update.

You can zoom and move in your entire world, directly from web navigator.

You will also have the connected users on your server, the day, night and cave part of your server


Check it out the demo and the tutorial.

Dedicated Support:

This option costs $5 per month, and it allow us to configure advanced features or fix whatever issues you can get on your server during your game experience. 

Dedicated Support includes :

  • Priority in ticket queue
  • Import last backup from external hosting
  • Help on BungeeCord setup (only work with 3+ servers)
  • Plugin installation from internet or elsewhere (only installation)
  • Adding mods to existing modpacks
  • Help for modded server (installation, conflicts research)
  • Making small configuration changes for a specific plugin's part
  • Uploading custom maps to your server
  • DNS setup (SRV, A, CNAME) for external registars domains
  • Change your server version, for example we can change from ATLauncher to Vanilla...

The Dedicated support is not a full server management service, this does not include Full Permissions/Plugins configuration or Modpacks updates.

Custom domain:

This option costs $4 per month.

Get your own domain name to access to your server, as name.yourdomain.ext (e.g. play.xtrempvp.com)

The first contact is made with our support team to see if the domain address of your choice is available.

If available, we will ask you to confirm it, then we order the domain for you and bind it to the server account of your choice.
If the domain appears to be already taken, the support will ask you to choose an other one.

Be aware that once added to your server the domain can't be removed or replaced by a another one.

Contact the support to check it out the domain availability !

Automated Tasks: 

This option costs $3 per month.

It will permit you to schedule until 5 daily automated tasks on your server. 

Available tasks : start, stop, restart, backup and any minecraft command.

You can test directly a task with the "run" command ! 

Advanced Backups: 

This option costs $3 per month.

Recover any file/folder from a backup file without importing the full backup. Use the online selector to browse and restore just the necessary.

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