Configuring and managing your server

How to install Votifier and use a right port for plugins.

1.  You need to install Spigot, PaperMC or Craftbukkit to accept plugins. You can read how to change youhttps://www.minecraft-hosting.pro/article/12-minecraft-version-selection

2.  Go to "Pluginspanel.

3.  Search "Votifier" in search tab.

4.  Click on "download" button to install it.

5.  Go to "FTP" panel. Enter in this directory .../plugins/Votifier/

6.  Click on "edit" button for config.yml file

7.  Enter in host: your IP without the port (for me it's

Enter one port between 31000 and 32500 (I have chosen 31000, you can put 31001, 32499, the port must not be in use by someone else, otherwise you will get an error and votifier will not work, so it's better to use a port like 31546, not round to have less chance to be already used).

8.  Click on the green arrow to save changes.

9.    RESTART server

10.  Go to "Consolepanel.

11.  Check in the live console, if you don't have any error. For me it's ok ;)

12.  Connect to your server with Filezilla an FTP client, in order to recover the votifier's public.key.

13.  Go to directory .../plugins/Votifier/rsa and open with Notepad the votifier's public.key file.

       You can make a right click and View/Edit or drag and drop to your desktop in order to open with bloc note.

14.  Copy all the public key.

Go to this website https://mctools.org/votifier-tester

15.  Enter your server IP (for me it's

16.  Enter your port that you had chosen (for me it's 31000)

17.  Paste your public key that you had copied

18.  Click on Test button to see if connection is working.

19.  Success !