Configuring and managing your server

How to teleport players or entitities in your minecraft world ?

To use the teleport command, you need to be operator on your server.
If you are not already, you need to go on the
player management panel page, and add your player name under the operators section.

Once it's done, you can use the /teleport or /tp command in the minecraft chat,  i will give you some exemples of usages.

But before anything, you must first understand the coordinates system in Minecraft :

X - Determines your position East/West in the map. Positive value increases your position to the East. 
Y - Determines your position up/down in the map. Positive value increases your position Upward.
Z - Determines your position South/North in the map. Positive value increases your position to the South

Note that you can find your current XYZ coordinates with the following command:
/tp ~ ~ ~

To start with the easiest :

You can teleport yourself to an other player with :

/tp target_player 
exemple : "/tp max" will teleport yourself to max position

To teleport this player to yourself
/tp target_player yourself
exemple : "/tp max lara" will teleport max to lara position

To teleport all players to a player
/tp @a target_player
exemple : "/tp @a lara" will teleport all players to lara position

Now a little more harder :

To teleport yourself to coordinates

/tp X Y Z
exemple "/tp 0 80 0" will teleport you to the center of the map, at 80 block height.

To teleport an other player to coordinates
/tp target_player X Y Z
exemple "/tp lara 150 80 480" will teleport lara to the coordinate 150 80 480.

To teleport you x block away from your current location, you need to use relative coordinate that are specificed with the ~ sign.
/tp ~X ~Y ~Z
exemple "/tp ~10 ~20 ~30" will teleport you 10 blocks East, 20 block Upward and 30 block South of your current position.

To teleport the nearest player to you
/tp @p

To teleport a random player to you
/tp @r

To teleport all entities to a player
/tp @e target_player
exemple : "/tp @e lara" will teleport all entities to lara position

A little more advanced commands :

To teleport 10 pig to you
/tp @e[type=pig,limit=10] ~ ~ ~

or to a player
/tp @e[type=pig,limit=10] target_player

or to coordinates
/tp @e[type=pig,limit=10] X Y Z

To remotely teleport the closest player to an other player
/execute at target_player run tp @p target_player
exemple : "/execute at lara run tp @p lara" will teleport the closest player from lara to lara position.