Configuring and managing your server

What's the hardware on the Free Minecraft Server ?

We provide the same hardware on every server around the world, including our Freeman plan.
The hardware specs are Processor
AMD Ryzen 3900X, 128Go DDR4 Memory, 2TB NVMe Disks.

We chosen this Processor for the benefits :

  1. Multi-core Performance: The Ryzen CPU is known for its multi-core performance, which is important for running Minecraft servers effectively. With multiple cores, the Ryzen CPU can handle the demands of running a server and provide a smooth experience for players.

  2. High Clock Speeds: The Ryzen CPU is also known for its high clock speeds, which can help to reduce latency and provide fast response times for players.

  3. Good Value: AMD Ryzen CPUs offer good value for money, providing a high level of performance at a lower price point than some of their competitors. This is an attractive option for those who want to run a Minecraft server without breaking their bank account.

This server hardware allow us to provide the best performances at the best price.

You do not have to pay an option to get this Premium Hardware, this comes from standard with 1 to 4 cores, and you can upgrade to 6 Cores.

You get a Premium hardware for Free for 10 days with 3GB of memory, if you want to keep your server, you can upgrade to Iron.

If you want a better plan, upgrade to Iron first, and then you will be able to switch without additional charge to another Plan, we will adjust the time left on your server for the difference.
All servers are used under 40% load to guarantee a high availability without lags.

The Freeman plan is highly demanded, a counter indicates the number left, the update is in real-time, so do not hesitate to come back if the stock is at 0, we have several updates every hour in the day.

If you have any demand, do not hesitate to contact our support by ticket, we will be glad to answer you.