How to install PIXELMON MOD ?

Firstly, download the PIXELMON launcher with this link ==>

1. Click on the + button at the bottom to add a new profile / version.

2. Create a new profile to install wanted version of Pixelmon. 

3. Create a name for the Pixelmon profile. 

4. Choose a version to install. (I have decided to installed the Pixelmon 4.2.4). Save the profile and go to the next step. 

5. Click on the download button.

6. When the installation is finished,click on the "play"button to start the launcher. 

You need to wait during the loading.

Connect to your panel to change or install your modpack. In "Maintenance" and "Reinstall" menu. 

8. Choose the same version than the launcher, for me it's "Pixelmon 1.8.9-4.2.4".

9. Click on the "play" button to start server.

10. Check the live console to see if the server starts correctly and copy your address ("").

11. And past your server address ("") in the Pixelmon Launcher.

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