Configuring and managing your server

How to install a custom jar on your server

It's possible to install any server .jar you want on your server, if you do not find it already under our one click install from the maintenance page, factory reset.


You need a server customer .jar file, for the exemple, we will use "Bungeecord.jar" from https://ci.md-5.net/job/BungeeCord/

an FTP client such Filezilla or Winscp for FTP connection. 

/!\ Warning: making a reinstallation will delete all of your data (maps, plugins etc...), so make a backup before in "Maintenance" panel with the "BACKUP NOW" button. 

Reseting your server

You can, but resetting your server to delete all current files is not mandatory. It's helpful if you want to avoid conflicts or incompatibilities. We chose to start from zero, so it's what we are doing here.

1.  Go to download "BungeeCord.jar".

2.  Go to "Maintenance" panel.

3.  Click on "REINSTALL" button to open the list of all packs.

4.  Choose "OPENMOD" pack for installation.

5.  Click on "Openmodpack. 

6.  And "CONFIRMfor installation

7.  Wait during the process.

Your previous server files are now deleted. You can directly upload your custom jar file to the server.
You can use web FTP, which is the simplest, or an FTP client. Select the one you want.

Uploading your Jar file with an FTP client (Filezilla)

1.  Go to "FTPpanel to see if your server is empty for the becoming new custom jar. If you have always files try again Openmod pack installation.

2.  Here, you can see there is nothing in the disk, this means that the installation was successful to put the new jar.

3.  Open Filezilla and connect with your FTP CREDIENTIALS into your server disk.

4.  Select the downloaded "BungeeCord.jar" file from your computer and drop to Filezilla into your server root.

Activating your custom Jar

Once you have uploaded your jar file, you need to tell the server to use it. 

1  Go to "Settingspanel.

2.  Click on "SERVER VERSION" case to open all versions, select in --Uploaded on FTP--"BungeeCord" pack.

3. Click on "SAVE CHANGES"

4.  START Server with play button.

5.  Go to "Console" panel, to see if the server has started successfully.

If everything is ok, you can enjoy your new custom pack. 

For advanced users

If you want to configure BungeeCord servers please watch this tutorial
You can see how to add the lobby server, game servers, and everything you need to create linked servers.