Configuring and managing your server

How to enable the WHITELIST ?

1. If you disable the "ONLINE MODE" and the (2) "WHITELIST".

You can connect with cracked version and official / premium Minecraft without any restriction.

3. If you enable the "ONLINE MODE"  and  the (4) "WHITE LIST" .

You can connect only with Premium account and if you are in the Whitelist (follow the step.9 to add players)

5. If you enable the "ONLINE MODE" and disable the (6) WHITELIST.

All people with the Premium account can connect to your server without whitelist restriction. 

7. If you disable the "ONLINE MODE" and enable the (8) WHITELIST.

Nobody can connect to the server, because you block the Mojang server's authentification for player data. 

Now, how to add a player in the whitelist ? 

9.   Go to "Players" panel.

10. Add a player in WHITELIST you must pay attention to uppercase XeroxSystem.

Finally restart your server to save changes.