ftb interactions

FTB Interactions

Do you want to traverse the dark star Aurelia, scavenging it's dungeons for rare technology...

  • 3GB
    Min RAM
  • 2
    Min Core
  • 1.12.2
    MC Version
  • v2.12.1
    Current Version
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FTB Interactions Review

Would you like to explore the blue star Aurelia, rummaging through its caverns in search of valuable technology while fending against Eldritch Praetors? Consider draining the blue vitriol oceans of Euclydes to supply copper for your expanding industries.

Have you ever built the Ender Dragon, a floating prison for rebirth, using its heart to bolster your armor and weapons, or infused fuel and starlight into your floral water?
Are you interested in discovering what happens when a Mighty Ender Chicken is immersed in magical anti-matter? Finding the answers will take some time.

server requierements

FTB Interactions Requirements

Your server requires a minimum of 3GB of memory to run FTB Interactions server without lag or crash.
You may need more memory if you are planning to host a public server. This amount will greatly depend on the number of entities present on your map and the number of players connected simultaneously.
To avoid CPU warning messages, 2 CPU Cores is a minimum, but you should consider upgrading to more cores as soon you start the get warnings in your server console.
You can instantly upgrade your server anytime as your server grows without losing your data. We keep all our nodes under 50% load to allow you to upgrade and stay on the same node.

How to install FTB Interactions?

To play and connect to a FTB Interactions server, you need to install the curse client on your computer, allowing you to add and launch the mod pack on your Minecraft client.

  1. Download and install the launcher from Twitch / Curse.
  2. Start the launcher.
  3. Click on Mods.
  4. Search for the modpack FTB Interactions.
  5. Click on Install on the top right button of the CurseForge app to install the latest version. You can also click Versions to select a previous FTB Interactions version. Note that this version must be identical to the server.
  6. Once the local files are copied on your curse forge app, you need to click on the launch button to start it.
  7. Your Minecraft client will be launched, with by default the FTB Interactions mod pack selected. You can now click on Play to launch it.

How to make a FTB Interactions server?

This mod pack can be installed with one click on our Minecraft server panel.

  1. Get a Minecraft server from us - Minecraft Server Hosting.
  2. Log in to your control panel account.
  3. Navigate to the maintenance page.
  4. Select under Curse, FTB Interactions. If you don’t find the mod pack, use the search input.
  5. Confirm the installation by clicking on install, then sure.
  6. Wait during the modpack file transfer.
  7. Click on the arrow to start your server. Depending on the mod pack, the server can take several minutes to initialize.

You can launch your client and start playing with your friends on your FTB Interactions server.

How to update FTB Interactions?

Updating FTB Interactions allows you to play to the latest version without losing your progression and inventory.

  1. Log in on your account.
  2. Navigate to the maintenance page.
  3. Click on backups.
  4. Click on "Backup now" to save your current server.
  5. Navigate to the factory reset page.
  6. Select under Curse, FTB Interactions. If you don't find the mod pack, use the search input.

Download FTB Interactions

The latest version is available on auto install from the control panel.

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  • FTB Interactions

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